In Our Headphones: October 2021

In Our Headphones: October 2021




Hey everyone! 

The autumn season is officially here. I know, I know-it usually starts in the end of September but it was still warm here. Now that the leaves are turning yellow, I think that we are ready for new tunes to cheer us up in these cold days.


Get a blanket, a nice cup of coffee or tea and enjoy 🎶

We start off with @Kiril's picks as they are perfect for this season. In the beginning of this month he was playing on repeat California Dreaming by the Mamas & Papas as he was in the mood for some retro jams. 


Another song that he wanted to share with us is All my Loving by Prince Buster. The song was recorded back in 1960s and the arrangement is rock-steady reggae. He says that he likes this cover more than the original song by The Beatles. 


Next up is @Katerina who picked for us the song "Balenciaga ". She heard this song while she was playing a Blend playlist with her boyfriend. 


While playing World of Warcraft, Kate has these two songs constantly playing in the background. 


Sounds like someone needs some intense tunes with a high BPS to get that high DPS going in WoW. Definitely gets you pumped for the next raid!


@Mihail's songs seem to have a theme-they all have slow jazzy vibe. As he says: "Maybe I've been moody without even realizing it 😀 Anyway, I really like these hip-hop pieces and hope you'll enjoy them too." 


@Mario has been playing a lot Я не нужна тебе живой by билборды.  He came across it as it's a very popular song in the Russian underground scene right now. He chose this one because" It's just what I vibe with: raw, punkish/edgy, heart-felt. The lyrics are in Russian and just sound lovely! " 


Next up is @Xenia who picked up the song Gitar by Peter Nalitch. The lyrics have a happy tune to it and she can listen to it on repeat. 


While we are on the dance/happy theme- @Jeremy wanted to share with us the song VEM E DU by PABI. The singer is a friend of his who lives in Sweden and creates amazing music inspired from West Africa. Jeremy says that "This song just makes me wanna go out, dance, meet new people and create good memories." 


Another song that he has been playing is Alright by King Promise & Shatta Wale. He chose this one because: "This song gives me a great vibe and energy. It definitely brings me back to my roots and gives me comfort while being away in a different country."


And if you want to discover a new album, we got you covered. @Emil's picks are songs from a local band. Be sure to check it out as according to him: "Their songs just encapsulate so much and are concentrated, pure emotion in a music form. The album starts with a song about our small, but beautiful country. Then you get a hip-hop/rock mash-up of how no one ever knows what they're doing in life. Within the album you also get songs about loss, optimism, altruism, political frustration and of course love. Before you start thinking things get too serious, the band breaks up things with tracks about pink unicorns or google-translated idioms that make absolutely no sense. And then they cap it off with an amazing song about how much they appreciate everyone that listens to their music and that that's all they want in life. I'm getting goosebumps just writing this." 


And before you go, here is something from me that I've been playing these last couple of days: 


I went to play badminton a few days ago and on the way back I heard this song in the car. I remember listening to it when I was a kid as it was playing everywhere. As someone who loves old but gold jams, I had to save it and share it with you. 


If you want to listen to the whole playlist, here it is 🎵