In Our Headphones: September 2017

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Community Manager

Happy Friday everyone!


'Bottom of the wardrobe' thick jumpers are being pulled out, freshened up, and pulled on. The breeze is singing it's sweet, crisp, songs as we walk to work now. The office air con is well and truly off, and we can confirm that 'heat-mode' is already being blasted first thing. With pumpkin spiced lattes topping every burnt-orange coloured display sign we pass... it must be October 🎃


That means that it's also time to look back on what was In Our Headphones in September.


Let's start with 'Conrad' by SOHN...




The opening lyric "I can feel it coming" is pretty reflective of the changing weather, and we love this song's marching beat and travelling melody line.


Artist/producer SOHN released the album this track features on back in January, and we think it sounds just as strong, confident, and fresh now!



Up next, we've got one of artist Driver's newer offerings, 'Bossa'.




We've been loving this atmospheric, warm tune here this September. It might only be 1 minute and 39 seconds long, but it's 1 minute and 39 seconds we think you'll certainly enjoy! Plus, we've had it on repeat anyway 😉


As you might know by now, we call this In Our Headphones, but it's actually rather rare that these tracks remain in our headphones. It's never long before they're flowing out of the speakers. Why keep such fab musical discoveries to yourself after all!?



We'll round things up with a gentle, lullaby-like, and lyrically beautiful song from singer-songwriter Emily James.




This one's been easing us into our Monday mornings, and winding us down on a chilly afternoon! What we mean is, it's pretty much great for any time of the day actually. Especially if you're looking for a heart-felt story and smooth, dreamy voice. 


 These are some of our favorites, but there's plenty more where they came from. If you'd like to check out the full September playlist, then here it is!




Thanks for listening, and we'll see you in a month.

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i want to become a rockstar member!! how do i?

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Hey @megans824!


We're glad to hear you're interested in joining the RockStar Community. To get started, check this out!


If you have any questions, just let us know :)


The Conan the Barbarian rendition by Philipp Pelster is absolutely the worst thing I have ever heard.

Why can't we get the Original by Basil Poledouris?