In Our Headphones: September 2019


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Autumn is here and so is the new edition of In Our Headphones! Let’s check out some of the songs and artists you will find in it.

@Peter admits that John Mayer has been on his radar for a while, and that he's one of the few people whose content he follows on Instagram. In terms of his music, he says, "I love that he doesn't feel the need to make big statements by dropping and promoting a new album. Instead, he releases a single whenever he has something to share with the world, and the world laps it up." His latest track, Carry Me Away, made its way into Peter's 'Laidback' playlist, and deservedly so.



September seems to be John Mayer's month: not only has he been playing in Peter's headphones, but also @Daisy's.

I Guess I Just Feel Like: “I listen to this song when I just wanna forget about everything for a while. The combination of the soft guitar and John Mayer's pleasing voice calm me down on a whole new level.” Daisy adds. I have to agree on this one! John mayer has me hooked, too.




Daisy enjoys it when a song is delivered “simply, effortlessly, raw and flawless.” An embodiment of her taste is the song Pray by Sam Smith - “The lyrics to this song are incredible.” she states.



While I happen to enjoy my colleagues’ September choice of music, I do have a band I discovered recently that I want to share as well, namely Scott & Young from the Netherlands.

I’ve played on repeat 3 songs that take a special place in my day:

My first choice is their song Slow - not only is it cheerful, but it also gives this chill feeling of summer that we so much strive to go back to, especially in the rainy autumn days (like the one I’m writing this in :D ).



What I Am Looking For - besides having a super catchy beat, the lyrics totally resonate with me :)



“What do I know about the rules of possibility still?
Out on the soul search to make this half a home…
I will not stop until I reach my goal,
Until I find what I am looking for”

Little Common Blue - the guitar sounds calm me down, I feel like singing along and this song just gives me my daily dose of hope and coziness:

“You help me look around for something more, you give me wings,
because of you, the world is looking brighter -
More than I know, more than I feel, more than I dare to dream...
I know it can’t be too late for me to change my fate...”



So, although summer is gone, our songs do have the power to bring us to our desired place and state of mind - hiking in the mountains on a sunny day with a bit of wind in my hair. This makes the In Our Headphones playlist even more special! Check out the full playlist here:


Hope you enjoy our small song treasures at least half as much as we do. Stay tuned for the next edition!


Looks great @Petya 


Thanks @Daisy! Had fun while writing it - thanks for your contribution with songs to remember! 


Hey @Petya  - No worries, my pleasure!

Rock Star 15
Rock Star 15

Glad to see some nice John Mayer representation! And I'll be listening to Scott & Young as soon as I can get a break today. Thanks for the suggestions!


John Mayer earned it by being on top of our music chart :) Can't wait to hear/read what you think of Scott & Young! And you're very welcome.

Rock Star 15
Rock Star 15

Finally getting a chance to listen to Scott & Young! They're a really great discovery :D I like how the qualities of their voices blend together so well. I also appreciate the subdued rolling snare hits contrasted with the bright guitar strums on Slow. Really great! Thanks!

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Rock Star 4

Looking forward to the new album of Nick Cave this Friday. A double album 😍


@Jacob, I'm really happy you feel this way about Scott & Young! Loved the way you described it - couldn't have said it better :) I guess it's safe to say they're a new addition to your music collection ^^ 


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