Introducing great new ways to discover music


We're very happy to announce some major upcoming changes to Spotify. Never again will you have to ask the question "what should I listen to next?" as we're about to make music discovery easier and better than ever.


First up is the new Follow tab


Here you'll not only be able to see what your friends are listening to, but also what playlists they're creating and sharing. And it's not just your close friends  - we're happy to welcome on board real artists and tastemakers who'll keep you updated with the latest songs you have to hear.


Want to know what Bruno Mars is listening to right now, for instance? That's only a click away. Follow him you'll get an update as soon as his next album is out, too. Connecting with your favourite artists has never been this easy.


Whilst you're following lots of interesting new people, you'll also want to check out the Discover tab.


Here, we'll be your new best friend and offer handpicked recommendations that we think you'll love. We'll give you a full explanation of why we've picked each song too - like any best friend should.


You'll get concerts reviews, new people to follow, recent album releases and plenty more - all on the same page. That's more time spent listening to music that's right for you - and less time head-scratching.


Fancy something we've picked out? Add it to your Collection and it'll be waiting to be listened to whenever you feel like checking it out.


But wait, there's more! Last up is the Audio Preview feature.


With all this great new music you'll be discovering, you might not want to interrupt the song you're currently listening to. After all, why should the music ever have to stop?


Simply hover your mouse over a song that you fancy and you'll get a short snippet to listen to.Then save the song for later, play it in full or go right back to what you were listening. It's up to you.


The upcoming changes will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks. The first installment of these features will come very soon. So if you're keen to try out these for yourselves just hang on in there. A great new music discovery experience is on the way.


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Enjoy! 🙂 


Is there a place to post music suggestions that Spotify is missing? 

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Hey @Corbo1989 - check out this post.

Gig Goer

Discover shows your music taste, not mine. It's not personal. I have lots of genre or singer that included in discover's featured playlists. It doesn't show local musics from my country (I'm from Turkey).


It's hard to see my followed artists' new releases and filter new releases by genre/country.