January 2020 Ideas Review

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Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?










1. [Discover] Exclude selected Playlists from Taste Profile and Discover Suggestions

2. [Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options

3. [Subscription] Pay yearly for Family & Student

4. [Browse] Allow to change Country Origin Suggestions




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'Not right now' month...


Please dear god just add some more social features, viewing who follows your playlists, etc. The social aspect of spotify is what keeps me on it rather than using Apple Music.

Please make the volume of the ads equal or lower
than the volume of the music I'm listening to.
It was extremely annoying when I was listening to
Mozard's Piano and suddenly B.T.S jumped in and
shouted into my ear at 3 times the volume.



I checked several idea review months and it feels like 99% is "not right now". Awesome! 


can we get a delete artists/albums from home page option and a legit way to block or report artists that hack our accounts to give themselves likes and follows? Can we get a change username update? Because the randomly generated username I was given is played out?


with the new version 8.5.46 I have troubles playing some kind of cd's on my iphone and ipad. For example a new release: Canto Ostinato Strings Attached. I don't want to shuffle because it is a concert, so I just choose the first number and then it goes on. The order is correct, but there is a awful break between to numbers. Please, change that...


I am pretty sure the "dislike button" idea has been around for a few months now... yet no Idea Review has mentioned it?

Casual Listener

Please introduce a 'pristine' button to instantly revert albums to their original contents in stead of all the extra and mostly duplicate songs, comments, radio broadcasts etc.


Dislike and/or block songs and artists is very much a needed feature.

Casual Listener

I changed the email once and twice the passwords on my account, but they continue to crack me and subscribe to artists that I don’t even know. Spotify, are you involved in this? Then why do not you solve this problem? It started 4-5 months ago. I have spoken with technical support already three times, to no avail.


Hey there,

I would love the option to sign in with my Apple ID on the Windows 10 version of the Spotify application!


It would be really useful if I could sort my "liked songs" by genre in some way to I can build playlists from them.


A drop-down box of the genres in the "liked songs" playlist could do this, with a multiple select function i.e. Show Rock, Punk, Metal could work


Is there some sharing or spying between Amazon and Spotify because I have just got an email from Amazon Music which is offering me all the things that I enjoy on Spotify. I don't use Amazon Music and have purchased a very different type of music from the shop, so how do they know what I like?

Casual Listener

Dear Spotify,

I am a music lover and a heavy user of music platforms. I  prefer Spotify, but use also both Apple Music and Deezer. 

One thing that I do not like about Spotify is the restriction on number of songs that you are allowed to like. For me one of the most engaging parts of using Spotify is discovering new music and new artists and every time I discover interesting, new music I want to "follow" the artist (which I can still do) and I want to "like" a song (which I am not allowed to anymore). I get this message when I try to: " Epic collection friend. Your library is all filled up. To save more, you'll need to remove some songs." But I do not want to remove song, I want to keep the songs marked as liked. For heavy users like me this is annoying and not a restriction you should continue, Spotify. I hope you soon can either take away that restriction or if you cannot do that because of costs, you should have a super premium subscription for heavy users where there are no restrictions. Keep up the good work! Regards Tom





Hi there, New here, not sure if I should be contributing my thoughts here or somewhere else. Please let me know if there is a more appropriate platform for some of my suggestions! 😃


1. Playlist. Whenever the owner updates their playlist, I think it's kinda convenient if the playlist tops the sequence in their homepage ( Your Library ). Not only it has some social interaction to it, also it gives motivation to the owner's to update their playlist. Often there are updates but it's not notify to anyone, feels pity to miss out.


2. Local files. My local list seemed to lose it's connection with the original files in the pc every once in a while, even though the files are still there. Is this a bug? Cuz I scrolled and see no one posted about it being a constant issue. Can I also listen to other people's local file? My sister shared same interest in songs, I don't see the point to drag duplicate files into each other's playlist. Can't I just add her songs to my playlist? 


3. Diversity of the songs. I always liked how diverse is spotify has it all categorised. It's categorised but the content is tack slower. When it comes to chinese music, some really old songs that can be found in any other music app, suprisingly Spotify does not have it. If I may suggest, recently covered songs on competitions are in high demand. TBH, Spotify does have a good range of songs. but it has difficulties to find it's fans unless you already know what're you looking for.


Lastly, I'm a big fans of Spotify. However, I think there are many many improvement can be made/develop. Especially for premium users, small little useful details are very important.


Oh I also support for the offline music library and Recommendation for friend's playist! Brilliant ideas.




It's already April. Where the **bleep** is the February review.


It's already April so guess Spotify is not looking at improvements this year. Last ideas review is January. 


Made for you playlists should be at the top of the home page after your playlists. Have to scroll far down to get to them. They are actually quite hidden. Before they were more accessable. 






Sharing songs by dragging a track on the profile of a friend on desktop version


- edit: including instant push notification for recipient

Casual Listener

Offline sync music on Apple Watch.


Please, I'm waiting all my life.




What makes music awesome? PEOPLE. We need more social features...

- Ability to see who follows your playlists. 

- Ability to post and share content to your own profile.

- Ability to post and share with your followers within Spotify. 

- Expand the content received from people/artists you follow.