January 2021 Ideas Review





Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1. [Partnership] Add Sign-in with Google 

You should now be able to sign up for an account using Google Sign-in so we'll mark this idea as Implemented.


2. [Connect] Show Chromecast on Desktop's Device List

We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Desktop users, as pointed out by @MattSuda here.


3. [Web Player] Change Playlist Covers

You'll be happy to know that you can now edit your playlist covers and descriptions in the web player.


4. [Web Player][Discover] Possibility to block artist/songs so they do'nt appear on e.g. release radar

We're eager to confirm that feedback buttons on Discover Weekly and Release Radar have now been added in the web player and you should see the option to “dislike” tracks or artists in those playlists.


5. [Web Player][Other] Add option to Change profile picture on spotify browser (open.spotify.com)

You can now update your profile picture and name in the web player 


6. [All Platforms][Subscription] Share playlist with Spotify Kids

Along the lines of what you'll find here, this should now be implemented.













7. [Subscription] Pay yearly for Family & Student


8. [Android] Swipe to Queue a Track


The status Case Closed doesn't mean the door is completely closed for implementing the idea. Even in a Closed state we'll still be tracking this idea and its votes.

If anything changes we'll be sure to check back in.



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@MattSuda woohoo!


Hi Peter


Look at that, still ignoring us or is the link to this thread just unluckily and magically broken every time you click on it ?


I totally get that a 2,750+ votes „new idea“ isn‘t showing up on this site as it hasn‘t been updated for more than half a year now.


Yet, a lot of folks desperately trying to contribute to „the Spotify experience“ would very much appreciate an official update from you, the moderator of the show, whatever shape it may take :o).


Thx and cheers...again


"We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you."  mmm




Make podcasts available in Egypt already.
i swear to god it has been 2 years since Spotfiy was released here.

Casual Listener

Stop ignoring Spotify support for HomePod. It's aggravating that so many people want this and you're pretending we don't. You're making it difficult for me to justify continuing to pay premium when I'd get this feature immediately if I switched to Apple Music.


While we're at it, make your shuffle truly random instead of evidently-not-random like it it is right now.


Please comment on when we can expect you to support HomePod.


I would also love to know when Airplay 2/HomePod support is coming please!


Considering Spotify's popularity with both artists and listeners, one would think that the collective quality of their playlist radio selection is up too par. This is not the case.

    I sincerely wish Spotify would come together and hire people to make playlists out of certain genre and BPM. The "variety" of playlists i get is trule depressing when I know there is more then a plethera of music to choose from.

     What I am asking, is to provide a more in depth variety of music when creating a playlist from various songs. The same songs should not pop up for each radio playlist created by the same artist. Im on the verge of just finding another source for music because i hear the same tracks over and over across the HUGE GAPS of genre... idk guys. Give me a job or something to make playlists idk


I've been a Spotify user for more than four years now. I'm going to be leaving for Apple Music soon if Spotify continues to ignore requests for HomePod integration, and I suspect quite a few people I know are planning to do the same.


It's been a good run, but I can't see the sense in paying a subscription to a service which just ignores the will of it's users.


Removing my comment is cute peter, but how about you acknowledge the 50+ page homepod intergration idea. 50+ pages of people begging for it and 3k upvotes and u go dead silent. comon peter. Homepod intergration when? answer us peter .


when can we see who follows our playlists? id really like that feature added


Why can't users rate and review podcasts? I find the Spotify recommendations, charts and browsing categories really stagnant. User ratings and reviews would really help to find podcasts.


There should be a feature that shows how many times we listen to a song.


"[Partnership] Add Sign-in with Google" is implemented with 56 votes. Much older [Desktop][Podcasts] Sort by Unplayed/Recently Added  with 683 votes is NOT? This whole "Community Ideas" thing is one big joke. Spotify is not able to develop decent app UI, that's no new thing.  But looks like they're not even able to sort the ideas by age and votes.

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