July 27, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

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July 2018 - New Album Releases


New Music Friday : July 27, 2018


Just Business Vicious
Origin : Oxford, Mississippi, USA Origin : Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA
Genre : Garage Rock, Garage Punk Genre : Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

==> Energetic fouth studio album by the American band led by frontman John Barrett who formed Bass Drum of Death in 2008 as a one-man-band, playing both his bass drum and guitar.

==> Fourth studio album, released through Atlantic Records, by the American band formed in 1997 and led by vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale.
Phantastic Ferniture ShadowParty
Origin : Sydney, Australia Origin : Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genre : Indie Folk / Rock Genre : Synthpop, Indie Rock

==> Debut album by the Australian band formed in 2014 and consisting of Julia Jacklin (vocals, guitar), Liz Hughes (guitar) and Ryan K Brennan (drums).

==> Debut album, released through Mute Artists Limited, by the American new project formed by New Order members Tom Chapman and Philip Cunningham, Devo's Josh Hager and Jeff Friedl, Denise Johnson, and Verve guitarist Nick McCabe.
Kill The Lights Lifers
Origin : Bay Area, California, USA Origin : Denton, Texas, USA
Genre : Indie Folk / Pop Genre : Alternative Country

==> Third solo studio album by the American singer-songwriter, also member of the band Caged Animal : "Everywhere on Kill The Lights we hear Tony synthesizing his influences with great skill and intention; these classic folk and pop styles are being employed in the service of stellar songs and universal lyrical truths rather than just as aesthetic filigree" (from artist bandcamp)

==> Eighth studio album by the American singer-songwriter who started his career from 1998 to 2003 as singer and guitarist of a trash metal band.
Ross from Friends Little Prison City (Live at Rogers K-Rock Centre)
Origin : London, England Origin : Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Genre : Electronic, House Genre : Alternative Rock

==> Debut album by British producer Ross From Friends aka Felix Clary. "Family Portrait is characterised by a perpetual desire to experiment and Felix's obsessive attention to detail, somehow marrying an intricately layered production style with warm, heavily saturated sonics that elevate, rather than stifle, his melodious funk." (from artist bandcamp)

==> Live album by the Canadian band winner of Juno Award 2018 for Rock Album of the Year with the album Young Beauties and Fools. To notice, a great live cover of the Rolling Stones song Gimmie Shelter.
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Bass Drum of Death and Ross From Friends! Nice 🙌