July Monthly Ideas Review

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Monthly Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!



1. Spotify Lite

We just wanted to give you a heads up that a lite version of the Spotify app has been released on Android. 


You can check out more information about the app and its availability here.


2. Adjust Audio Speed of Podcasts

3. Last.fm Support for Playstation

4. Scrobble Tracks played offline



5. Snapchat Spotify Filter


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.



6. Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists


We also think this is a great idea and we're looking into it further. We've changed this idea to 'Watch This Space' and we'll post here when we get an update.




7. 432 Hz Tuning


As many of you have pointed out below, there are tunes on Spotify already in 432 Hz.


Spotify presents tracks as they are meant to be heard by the Artist. As such, we can't implement a feature that would change the tuning of a song for them - as this would go against how they intended their music to be presented.




8. SDK for Video Game Integration


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


As a heads up, you can follow these links to find out how to listen to Spotify while you play on Xbox and Playstation.


9. Traktor Integration (DJ)

10. Remove current Song from Playlist

11. Send a Receipt to Premium Users Each Month


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How about being able shuffle through our songs instead of just albums or artist?


How have you yet to address the fact that Spotify has still created a significantly worse experience for people who use it as a music library instead of just for playlists? Users have been telling you that since testing in February.


Oh, wait, I guess you did respond, by closing the thread and ignoring almost every point made within it.


The only thing we want is the ability to browse by artist, song and album and to do so quickly with an alphabetic scroll bar the way it was before. I don’t **bleep** about playlists, I want to listen to entire albums by the artists I enjoy. I’ve paid for my last month of service if this isn’t restored within the next three weeks. 

Music Fan

How about you listen to your users for once and revert this terrible update you released in June? There are people complaining about that terrible redesign since you released it to early addopters in February and it looks like you didn't take a single bit of advice from them and just decided to release that POS. I've canceled my Premium subscription that I've had since 2013 because of that update. You people realize that the way you make most of your money is from premium subscriptions so maybe you should listen to what they want for a change. But nobody from Spotify is actually going to read this so I guess I'm just complaining to nobody. It's just really sad to see what used to be such a great company make these terrible desicions and become one of the worst music providers out there, not only for your users but also the artist on your platform.


Boa Tarde 


Gostaria de sugerir dois itens. 


1) - Remover musicas da playlist enquanto estamos ouvindo. As vezes temos uma playlist tocando de modo aleatorio e ouvimos uma musica que nao queremos mais naquela lista, então temos que ficar procurando onde ela esta para poder excluir. 

Seria bom ter uma opção igual a de "adicionar a playlist" porém com a opção "remover da playlist" enquanto estamos ouvindo a musica. 


2) - Ouvir as musicas de forma aleatoria. Hoje eu salvo as musicas das minhas playlists em uma lista principal e depois eu crio lista por artista ou genero musical, mas nem sempre queremos ouvir apenas um estilo de musica e seria bom ouvir todas as playlists de modo aleatório. 


Obrigada !!!! 

Music Fan

These ideas boards and blogs are a joke. Twitter and the boards have been blowing up with users taking issue with the new UI and Spotify has not made a single genuine comment addressing them. Ignoring the loyal customer base and force feeding scripted response is a great way to get those customers to explore other options. 


The removal of the Songs tab was a backwards step, now there is no option to shuffle all songs in the library offline or online.

Cannot understand the thinking behind removing this feature it really limits the userability of spotify when I want to listen to music for long periods.


Currently testing Google music, Amazon and Deezer all of which have this feature making it a far superior platform at the moment.


Can you please bring back the old UI?! As many people have said for months, one of the best features of Spotify was being able to shuffle the entire library. Why are you not listening? 



iPhone 8



Information system



(Sorry if my English is bad I’m French...)

Hie I propose my thoughts for the future of spotify!
1- Genius lyrics
It would be nice if the lyrics are displayed in full and we have the option to choose whether we want to display the genius or not
2- White mode
Spotify has always been dark and green, why not add customization, change the color green, put a brighter mode
3- Background
The background used behind the cover of the albums / single, is too "discreet" not enough light, something more colorful would be better
4- discovery
It would be nice to add a "Discovery" tab that would allow each day to discover new music instead of a single playlist and a "daily mix".
That’s all tell me what you think!


So you're yet again going to totally ignore all the negative feedback you've received since February about the new changes you made to the Library? You removed a basic functionality that music programs have had since basically forever, rather than just ADD a useful functionality, like being able to sort or filter artists and songs by artists.


There have been plenty of detailed posts by users, myself included, about what is wrong with this update, as well as how you could implement the same ideas without removing such a basic feature.


The canned responses from your customer service department, @SpotifyCares on twitter, and your "Rock Stars" here only cement in the idea that you don't actually care about paying customers. By pointing to the "Here's how the new Library works" page/video, you're basically implying that we're idiots who don't know how to use a new UI, completely missing the point that it's not about using a new interface, it's about the removal of basic music library functions.


These are just some of the reasons why I cancelled my premium subscription. To everyone else, if you're angry at Spotify for forcing this cluelessly bad update, I encourage you to cancel your Premium subscription and move services.


Speak with your wallet, they have zero incentive to change if they're still getting paid.




I want to select my preference for soca music. This genre of music is unrecognized by Spotify while "Gaming" and "Ellen" are. There is a substantial number of soca artists from the Caribbean putting music on Spotify and I hope to see Spotify being made available in more areas of the world. In particular, my island, Barbados is a top producer of Caribbean music, but Spotify is unavailable. I do not know the details of making a music app, however, the recognition of soca as a genre has had small steps some Spotify made playlits and appropriate music suggestions so I wonder why there is not something more significant? Please recognize soca as a music genre and make Spotify be made available in more countries of the Caribbean.


Removing our saved stations with our saved thumbs up and down preferences for each station is a SERIOUSLY BAD move and hit. Many people have spent a very long time fine tuning those stations and really enjoy those, they are different from playlists entirely. 


Trying to do a separate app just for that is just bad user experience, one stop shop is the goal here, no one ever wants to install any more extra stuff or have yet another app on their phones. Especially for something they already had before. This is taking away from people, not adding to an experience positively. 


Please at least look into adding a tab into the Library section at the top, next to albums, that's labeled 'Stations' which has our saved radio data back in.

Was this comment for my comment?

I think Spotify should have playlists much like BBC have, where artists, actors, athletes, famous doc persons aka theroux, and all round interesting people list their favourite tracks old and new .

Casual Listener

I have to say my favorite change is the separation between tracks and albums in the library. I can now mark albums to listen to them later, without the individual tracks landing in my favorites before I even listen to them. I can stop creating playlists for each album.


Come on.  Listen and respond to your customers.  Return Spotify to how it was i.e. user friendly.  I'm talking about all songs, being able to delete material easily, shuffling all songs etc etc etc.

You have a month or I'm off elsewhere.


You're talking nonsense RichieB. Spotify user interface is great. There's only a few tweaks like recently deleted that I think it needs.


I realy dont know where i can share an idea but i will try to put it here. You should give more relevance to te option ''add to Queue'' its particulary useful in friends reunions 


Two ideas that I believe a lot of people would enjoy: a downloaded songs playlist/ability to download and access an entire album with others in a playlist, so you know what’s downloaded, and a liked albums and songs playlist, so instead of liking each song individually (it gets rather annoying), you like the album, and it goes to that playlist. Similarly to the previous Spotify where if you downloaded an album, it went to your library and you could access it there. As of now, (I’m an Apple user so I’m not sure if it’s Apple or Spotify), but liking each song individually and no longer having it go into the library and downloaded as a whole with a simple button, is a hassle. Hitting the “like album” or “download album/all” and going into a playlist would be very helpful. I personally am always downloading songs and believe that would be a very good way to help organize and keep/download what you want.

Casual Listener

There is a Download switch on the liked tracks, Spotify could just add the same switch to the albums page too.


A playlist mixing favorites tracks and albums could satisfy users of the previous system indeed.


Another thing that could satisfy them is the tracks page but viewed as grouped by albums, with the album covers, so it looks like the album page, but only listing the liked tracks.


Just note you don't have to like each track of an album one by one, there is an option in the "..." menu of the album page... on the mobile app... That thing always baffles me about Spotify, all of the apps don't get the same features at the same pace.