July Monthly Ideas Review

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Monthly Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!



1. Spotify Lite

We just wanted to give you a heads up that a lite version of the Spotify app has been released on Android. 


You can check out more information about the app and its availability here.


2. Adjust Audio Speed of Podcasts

3. Last.fm Support for Playstation

4. Scrobble Tracks played offline



5. Snapchat Spotify Filter


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea. We'll continue to check out the comments here too.



6. Adding indivdual Podcasts to Playlists


We also think this is a great idea and we're looking into it further. We've changed this idea to 'Watch This Space' and we'll post here when we get an update.




7. 432 Hz Tuning


As many of you have pointed out below, there are tunes on Spotify already in 432 Hz.


Spotify presents tracks as they are meant to be heard by the Artist. As such, we can't implement a feature that would change the tuning of a song for them - as this would go against how they intended their music to be presented.




8. SDK for Video Game Integration


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


As a heads up, you can follow these links to find out how to listen to Spotify while you play on Xbox and Playstation.


9. Traktor Integration (DJ)

10. Remove current Song from Playlist

11. Send a Receipt to Premium Users Each Month


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Gig Goer

I will join other users to complain about how the new update basically destroyed my way to use Spotify (and I see that I'm not the only one).


I only save albums in my library, so I can shuffle all the tracks of all the albums that I like. This is a thing I can't do anymore. Now I have to save the album and separately like each track. What took me 1 click, takes me an average of 10 clicks now. This is the less user-friendly update that I have ever seen on Spotify.


I don't think this is a weird use of Spotify and I still don't understand why such an unpopular update doesn't lead you to some questioning.

I am a paying user since 2014 and this is the first time I'm thinking about to stop.


I really miss the saved Radio Stations. 


Please bring back Radio Station functionality. 


I wish it was possible to change a album photo - even though its created by another user/Spotify. 


- when on the subject: we use a lot of the workout-playlist made by Spotify in our family. But we miss seeing more of the female fitness girls on the covers. How about asking those great role models from IG like: Michelle Lewin, Brittany Perillee, Ariana James or Bru Luccas? 


Wish there was some way I can organize the albums in my albums tab so that I can put them in subgenres. Sometimes I like to listen to multiple albums at once, but it's difficult and ugly to do so in the playlist area. Would be amazing if I could just have a subfolder in my albums tab or maybe a new tab that can have the same navigation as the album tab except with only chosen albums.


I don’t think anyone will really care; but a really annoying thing for me is not being able to see the amount of songs in playlist. This is really annoying me as I like to keep multiple playlists with the same amount of songs in each one.



I don’t  know if this happens to any one else. If it is just me is there a solution to fix this problem?



Casual Listener

What are you saying? It's written on every playlist page: the creator, number of titles, and total duration.


Perhaps you meant in the left column (on desktop)? I think it would make the interface less legible. I can't say I understand your need but I can relate to keeping playlists reasonably small: after an hour I just want to listen to something else.

Casual Listener

Im like It!

Casual Listener

It would be super awesome to be able to access my artists again because no way am I gonna be able to find the 1000+ artists I had saved music from to follow. The update was horrible, no one likes it, please fix it. I have Spotify open 18 hours a day, I’m a loyal long-time user, and I’m seriously thinking about bailing. 


Add Free Hulu to the family plan please.


Here for the same reasons as most others. Music libraries are extremely personal and important to many people, with years of invested time being put in. Screwing with the ability to simply VIEW our music is not a misstep, but a vindictive move by Spotify (to which end I'm seriously not sure). Seeing so much feedback being ignored by spotify is a bit of a slap in the face for it's users. Especially ones that PAY MONTHLY who rightfully assume they should be able to view all their songs as they have done on every single streaming service including spotify previously. 


How about taking everyone's feedback into account and making adjustments to this TERRIBLE update? I want to be able to easily find all my albums and artists. That should be the bare minimum requirement for a functional music service. 


If this isn't fixed, I'll be looking into alternatives and canceling my premium service. It makes no sense to continue to pay for something this terrible, especially when you seem unresponsive to the wave of commentary on this website. 


What we want and need:

- Better/different UI

- 64 Bit for PC client

- bug fixes

- lyrics

- better sound quality


What we get:

-Spotify Lite

- maybe Snapchat integration

Casual Listener

The main changes we want are:

- Light mode*

- Lyric support (Desktop and Mobile)*

- Changing Username

- Change Profile and Playlist Image on mobile

- All downloaded Tracks tab*

- And Spotify if you want to be social Media so bad how about a comments section on songs. I mean will it be toxic, yes. Will people love to hate it, yes. But I think it would provide a deeper connection with fans to on each other.

*= Mandatory (I mean Apple Music has all 3)

PS: yeah we get it you want to become the "Podcast People" but let's not neglect what people are actually here for... THE MUSIC!!!


Casual Listener

Also, remembering the position in the file when listening to a podcast is a great feature, but it doesn't work. I listen to them on the PS4 while playing, and it's like I never listened to them on the desktop app. Or it will start playing the next episode, although I didn't ask for it. And for only two seconds played, it won't show up anymore on the mobile app when filtering to podcasts still to play.


But I'm glad I can finally save tracks and albums separately.

Casual Listener

Can you make something that goes on the homepage on an Android phone that will let you see the spotify app. Maybe even be able to play music from it. See what is being played, skip songs from. Be able to click once to use spotify instead of several clicks to start hearing music. Could be a revolutionary idea, don't think any other app has one. You could maybe call it homeapp, spotify home or widget. It could be huge.

Casual Listener

A Spotify remote as a widget, that seems like a good idea. Or maybe having that remote app available without having to unlock the phone. The Kore app for Kodi does that. The usual notification bar disappears too fast.


Schedule an alarm to play a spotify list on a DEFAULT device ...i.e. HEOS.


Currently there is no way to schedule wake up or turn off music natively within spotify...this would be great and allow for device output selection to be bound to that selection. This would avoid the aggravation of having to always select the output device


This question is so obvious it's stupid. And maybe I just don't know how to do it and I'm stupid. Why isn't there a way when you're adding to your queue that you can automatically add a hundred different albums or songs, push a button and have them all mixed?



Still refusing the believe the "Liked Songs" playlist is an absurd replacement for the old library layout?

I cancelled my subscription. I urge everyone else to as well.

When this problem is brought up they patronize us like we don't understand how the update works. They hardly even address the problem despite the overwhelming negative response. Why pay them for this treatment?

Casual Listener

MORE BROWSING COLUMNS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GENRE, BPM are a must.............. How hard is it to add that info ffs??