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June 8, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

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June 2018 - New Album Releases


New Music Friday : June 8, 2018


soil Babelsberg
Origin : New York City, new York, USA Origin : Bethesda, Wales
Genre : Avant-garde Soul, Alternative Gospel Genre : Indie Pop, Pop Rock

==> Brilliant debut album, released through label Secretly Canadian and Tri angle Records, by Josiah White, American vocalist and performance artist, exploring sensibilities of his musical youth as a choirboy in Baltimore.

==> Fifth solo studio album by the Welsh musician, composer, producer, filmmaker and author. He is also known as member of bands as Super Furry Animals or Neon Neon.
GET WELL SOON gobbinjr
The Horror ocala wick
Origin : Germany Origin : New York City, New york, USA
Genre : Progressive Rock, Indie Pop Genre : Indie Pop, Bedroom Pop, Synthpop

==> Sixth studio album by Get Well Soon, musical project of German singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Konstantin Gropper.

==> Second studio album by inventive American musician, singer-songwriter, Emma Witmer, released through the label Topshelf Records.
Lush Kindness, A Rebel
Origin : Ellicott City, Maryland, USA Origin : Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Genre : Slowcore Genre : Indie Folk, Folk Rock

==> Debut album by the American solo project of guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan. The LP has been recorded with producer Jake Aron and engineer Johnny Schenke with contributions of Jordan's touring bandmates.

==> Third studio album by the American band formed in 2012 when Daniel Shearin, Ryan O’Keefe, Halli Anderson, and Alex McWalters met as students at Appalachian State University.
Television / Sweet Stranger to the Pain
Origin : Glasgow, Scotland Origin : San Francisco, California, USA
Genre : Indie Rock, Post Punk Genre : Alternative Rock, Dream Pop

==> Second studio album by the Scottish band formed in 2011. They have been considered as “Glasgow’s most exciting and inventive new band” by NME.

==> Debut LP by the four-piece Californian band formed in 2014. Known first as Plush, they added a 'L' to their name. "Stranger to the Pain is the kind of record that reintroduces a band whose previous catalog stands assuredly on its own as a new and fresh face and like a conversation with an old friend, once it’s over, you will want to restart." (from artist bandcamp)
Constant Image Majahua
Origin : Washington, D.C., USA Origin : Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Psychedelic Rock

==> Energetic debut album, released through Domino Recording, by the American band appeared with they debut EP in 2016. "Constant Image is an album of anxiety and escape, but also one of euphoria and freedom" (from artist band camp).

==> Brilliant debut album by the Danish quartet. "Taking inspiration from yesterday's 60s psych explosion, the band has added their own swirling cocktail of heavy rhythms, grooving fuzz-bass, acid-gobbling guitar and colossal synth wonderfulness to form an album that takes you on a truly warm psychedelic trip from start to finish." (from
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