June 9, 2017 : new indie albums worth a listen

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June 2017 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : June 9, 2017


Ti Amo Truth Is a Beautiful Thing
Origin : Versailles, France Origin : Nottingham, England
Genre : Indie Pop, Electro Pop Genre : Art Pop, Dream Pop
==> Sixth studio album by the French band formed in 1999 and consisting of Thomas Mars, Deck d'Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai. ==> Second studio album by the British band led by the beautiful voice of Hannah Reid. This new LP has been released though their own record label Metal & Dust.
Cigarettes After Sex Revolution Come...Revolution Go (Deluxe Edition)
Origin : El Paso, Texas, USA Origin : Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Genre : Indie Pop, Dream Pop Genre : Southern Rock, Blues Rock
==> Brilliant debut album by the American band formed in 2008. Through music recommendations, Cigarettes After Sex has gained millions of views on YouTube leading to live performances across Europe, Asia & the US. ==> Tenth studio album by the American band formed in 1994 by Warren Haynes, long time guitarist of The Allman Brothers Band.
Trouble Maker (Deluxe Edition) Chuck
Origin : Berkeley, California, USA Origin : St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Genre : Punk Rock Genre : Classic Rock, Blues
==> Ninth studio album by the American band formed in 1991. They will co-headline the "From Boston to Berkeley Tour" with Dropkick Murphys in July and August 2017. ==> Posthumous and first album in 38 years by The Rock 'n' Roll Legend deceased in 2017. Recording was completed on schedule before his death, for which his estate was prepared. Prior to his death on March 18, it was implied that this album was to be his last.
Capacity Sunny Hills
Origin : Brooklyn; New York, USA Origin : Liverpool, England
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Indie Pop, Post Punk
==> Second studio album by the American band released on Saddle Creek Records. ==> Second studio album by the British trio formed in 2011. They have been described as "The Bee Gees on Diazepam" and are known for their multi-cultural make-up (Ireland, Norway, Brazil).
You Don't Own Me Anymore The Space Between
Origin : Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA Origin : London, England
Genre : Indie Folk, Americana Genre : Experimental Pop
==> Third studio album by the American singing and songwriting duo consisting of vocalists Laura and Lydia Rogers. ==> Second studio album under the project name "Fyfe" by the British guitarist, singer, songwriter, Paul Dixon.