June Monthly Ideas Review

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Monthly Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!



1.  Sorting Options for List of Playlists

With the recent update to Your Library on mobile, it's now possible to sort and filter your Playlists, Artists and Albums in more ways. 


To find the filters, just pull down on the tab you're on, select filters and then choose the one you'd like. The 'Custom Order' filter on the Playlist section will mirror the order you have on Desktop - which means it's now possible to maintain the way your organise your tunes on Desktop across to Mobile. 


2. Bring Back Albums' Length

3. Add & Remove Content separately (Artist, Album, Songs)

4. Car View

5. Bring back the old Web Player



6. Spotify in Ukraine

Spotify is launching regularly in countries around the world. Please keep an eye on the Spotify blog or signup here to be first to hear if we reach Ukraine.



7. Add complete Playlists to the Queue


We just wanted to update this to say it's possible to add all tracks from a playlist to your queue on Desktop. To do so, just head to your playlist > select all tracks using 'Ctrl/Cmd + A' > right click and select 'Add to Queue'. 


There aren't currently plans to implement this on Mobile,  but if anything changes we'll update you here. 





8. Bring back Recently Played to Your Library


With the new update you can now find your Recently Played tunes section on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options too, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.


9. Bring Spotify's old UI back

10. Option to show Lyrics only


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It's insane to scroll through the comments and see how many people hate this update. Do the people responsible for the updates even listen to music/use spotify??? I find it hard to believe as these are obvious bad decisions that have been made and go against what the USERS WHO PAY FOR THE SERVICE would like to see. Super dissapointed as I have just recently become a spotify premium user and now everything has been changed and I am regretting my choice. 


This new update is appauling and was simply not required. Your disregard for people's comments is worrying. Simply features like being able to sort ALL of your artists (and not just those you're actively following) being removed is quite frankly baffling.


I've spoken to your help desk and even they recognise "there are a few issues" but you're clearly not listening to the people who are paying for it and their comments , but instead pressing ahead stubbornly with your own views on the matter.


At this rate I will be switching to an alternative streaming service like Apple Music following the next update if the issues aren't fixed, as there is no point paying for a service where people aren't listened to and can't use the simple features which previously made the service so ergonomic.


Hey so several things: 1: why can't i like see what devices accessed my account like every other social media site? Also why i can't block artists outside of the app? Also why fake artists showing up on my account and why are they on your platform? like y'all are missing some BASIC **bleep** features and it's a  little insulting




The old UI was a proven design that was simple to use, navigate and familiar. This new update infuriates me so much because of so many things.  For example, when I save a whole album IT NO LONGER ADDS IT TO MY TOTAL SONGS PLAYLIST??? How did someone think that changing the formula from something proven and good to something so bad A computer science major has to figure this new stuff out???


I've used spotify premium for years,  and came in search for some answers about the latest update.  Thousands of other users feel the same as I do about losing the ability to scroll the artists by A-Z (And scrolling thru 2500 songs ranking them by Artist A-Z is a very inefficient work around).


What is worse than your rubbish update,  is the lack of response to the hoards of negative feedback.  Surely you understand that your feedback process is so cumbersome,  that many users will simply leave,  rather than submit feedback. If you're only counting negative votes,  you're underestimating the proportion of  dissatisfied customers.  


Switch to soundcloud it's better, doesn't ruin the order of my playlist for me.


I think they should allow an option for you to choose a certain amount of storage space (like a drop down box with a bunch of increments of storage would be great) and allow spotify to populate that with a bunch of stations that are given they're own section for whenever you're off wifi. When I'm running off data, as I frequently do as an uber driver, I tend to stick to playlists that I have downloaded. I'm someone on an unlimited data plan too, almost all of us have to deal with either hard data caps or throttling so having the option to discover new music without burning through data or just to bolster your offline library automatically.


Thats it on the new update? Case closed? Sorting by artists in a folder structure worked perfectly fine and everyone understood how it works right away, because it is so familiar.I search for something? Its sorted like this: Artist->Album->Song


After your update with the new UI you have to constantly say, that we just don't understand how it works (which is the opposite of an intuitive UI design). But in reality you changed the clear folder structure to bunching everything together in a giant >4000-songs-list which i can alphabetically sort. This is NOT good design. There is a reason, Windows has folders instead of bunching every single file in a giant list.


Having people provide feedback via community shows the customer you don't care about them or their suggestions/feedback/opinion. It's also difficult to access, find where the input should be put and it will likely be ignored if put into the wrong place obsolving Spotify of assessing feedback in a meaningful way.


Hopefully this is the right place for two suggestions:

1. Allow people to select whether they want to hear commentary from albums OR don't count it as a skip when we don't want to listen to the artists gabbering away in the middle of listening to the music

2. Have a way to toggle off live albums. Even with premium I couldn't do this and I would def pay to never hear live versions again.



Wow I don't even know where to start or if anyone at spotify can truly express concern for any of their customers. 

I've been a premium customer since it's release, so i've seen all of the UI's and can understand growing pains, but this one is so bad I will likely cancel my subscription. 

Aside from the new update, I don't understand how a company of this caliber doesn't have a simple or streamlined way to update user information. No exaggeration, it took me over an hour to update my email address. This was after it took  20 mins of searching to findout Spotify doesn't staff phone support. 

While changing my email address, the representative managed to delete my personal information, such as my followers, playlist downloads, playlist followers, dob, etc. When I questioned this, the representative could not explain why this was happening and then began to straight up ignore me. I was assured that my data would be restored, but it's been days and still no sign. 

I feel as though the people on this forum have touched on this most recent update, so I don't think I need to say much more than I am not impressed. 

Don't usually review things, but this is just so bad. 




I'm new to this community, could someone help explain to me why everyone is very angry? I really just dont know whats happening atm


This is getting ridiculous. Spotify, when will you admit that people don't like this update instead of trying to justify it? The fact that you had to close the case for the idea is a sign that you don't want to change a buggy and obviously unfinished UI change.


It is painfully obvious that this new UI change was not ready to ship to customers yet you have decided to bring out the update anyway in spite of this. That Ideas posts had over 5000 likes, was filled with 70 pages of replies and peaked at #2 on the top viewed ideas, yet you have decided to close the case associated with the post. Worse, you close off the ideas page by explaining how to use the new library as if we don't know how to use it.


It feels like, in spite of the negative reactions, Spotify wants to be the bratty child who wants their way, but everyone else can walk away, and that is what people have been doing in the new update. Apple Music is gaining 10 Million new followers every month and your responses have done nothing to slow that number down, if you continue to ignore the outcry of users nationwide, that number could well increase. 


Never before in my life have I been **bleep** about an UI update thats less usable, useful and polished than the last, but here we are. I don't want to be a guinea pig, especially if I am paying £10 a month for a service that is supposed to work. 


Still no resolution to the lack of ability to correct and/or change addresses? Making a new spotify account is not an answer, especially when the risk is losing all of your playlists, which can't be exported/imported.

Casual Listener

My comment is irrelevant. Can I remove it?


The new Spotify sucks and the lack of care that Spotify has for its customers is even worse. I have not renewed my premium subscription which I have had for years and I hope that I never come back to Spotify after seeing their "we don't give a **bleep** about what our paying customers want" ways. Time to find a new music source. I guess I'll start with looking into Tidal because I know nothing about them. If that doesn't work, I'll try ITunes, Amazon, Google and the the millions of others before I come back to Spotify. I will go to a real to real tape before I come back to you snobby, uncaring British A-Holes!



Don’t know why I’m bothering to write because obviously Spotify doesn’t care about feedback but anyhow I’ve just cancelled my Premium account after 4 years due to the latest horrendous UI changes. I don’t care about Podcasts, I paid Premium for *MUSIC*.


I’ve gone over to YouTube Music (included with YouTube Premium) and the cost is virtually the same plus no YouTube ads - yay !! I recommend people give YouTube Music a try as it’s similar UI to Spotify (black background) and includes an automatic History (ie Recently Played) in the Library. For me the Recently Played feature was *the* killer feature for Spotify (please don’t chime in that it still exists in Home because a) now I have to change to Home to see it and b) It doesn’t have the same functionality as it did previously) What ever happened to the customer is always right ?




“we’ve made finding and accessing the content you want even faster.” I’m really struggling to see how when it takes me forever to scroll though liked songs to still struggle to find the song/artist I want. 


The new new layout is terrible and that’s putting it lightly. 


Please bring back the songs tab, alphabetical list, artists page should list all artists not simply the “favourites” and when you click on the the artists names you should be able to see the songs you have liked only as well their whole catalogue.


If this new layout remains the same I will be cancelling my subscription as I refuse to pay for another month of this mess.


Utterly tone deaf response from Spotify, super dissapointing. Been using the app for years and now the new so called 'UI update' (despite the fact it goes far beyond just UI and actually removes key functionality) has made the app almost unusable.


What use is a single playlist of every individual song I've ever liked? Harping on about the fact that recently played still exists is no consolation, the ability to navigate through my saved music by Artist is the one thing I used more than anything else.


Look how many people have engaged and commented about the removal of this and related library functionality. These are your passionate users, why would you choose to ignore them like this?


I just want to sort my library by all songs. Liked songs doesn't seem to have them all. This is a "feature" you could do on the first freaking ipod.