March 10, 2017 : new indie albums worth a listen

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March 2017 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : March 10, 2017


Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams (Deluxe Edition) Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1
Origin : Fremantle, Perth, Australia Origin : St Ives, Cornwall, England
Genre : Alternative Folk, Art Pop Genre :Alternative Blues, Dub
==> Brilliant debut solo album by the Australian multi instrumentalist, best know as bassist of the band Tame Impala. ==> Side project by the British singer-songwriter, guitarist, DJ, producer dedicated to the Blues. Recorded in Berlin, it's an ode to a roots music but totally stuck in the present.
Heartworms 50 Song Memoir
Origin : Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Origin : Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genre : Alternative Folk-Rock Genre : Indie Pop, Pop-Rock
==> Fifth studio album by the American band formed in 1996 and fronted by singer-songwriter, guitarist, James Mercer.

==> Eleventh studio album by the American band formed in 1989 and led by Stephin Merritt. "It's an autobiographical concept album that chronicles the first 50 years of songwriter Stephin Merritt's life, with one song for each year that he has lived."

Heart-Shaped Mountain Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want
Origin : West Plains, Missouri, USA Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Indie Rock, Garage Rock
==> Fifth studio album by the American band formed in 2005 and currently signed to Bloodshot Records. The band is named after Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton, Missouri. ==> Debut album by the American band. "...The first LP from las Rosas, is a series of recollections and predictions. It's a streak of languid pessimism through a prism of Just Relax Already. Contented odes to lazy afternoons follow funeral songs to our doomed planet; it's like falling asleep in a hammock and waking up in the rain." (
Different Creatures Wired
Origin : Liverpool, England Origin : Cambridge, England
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Alternative/Indie Rock
==> Second studio album by the energetic British band formed in 2013. ==> Third studio album bt the British five-piece band formed in 2009 by lead guitarist Joe Savins and drummer Dave Rawling, who were joined by vocalist Mikey Chapman, bassist Sam Douglas and rhythm guitarist James Gillett, completing the band's lineup.
The Navigator Memorial Ten Count
Origin : New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Origin : Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genre : Alternative Folk, Americana Genre : Alternative Folk/Rock
==> Fifth studio album by the American band fronted by Puerto Rican descent, Alynda Segarra, raised in The Bronx, where she developed an early appreciation for doo-wop and Motown. ==> Debut LP by the Canandian band. "They build humble cathedrals to sound and spirit, outposts for incantation, transmission, and reception" (bandcamp)
Casual Listener

 THE MAGNETIC FIELDS    only 5 Songs !   Where is the Rest ?!

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Hello there and welcome to the community.


It appears to be a problem with this album which was fully available earlier when I was filling this blog-post.


For now, I don't have any infos about this problem. I am going to investigate and will message you when I will know exactly what it is about.


Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to have mentioned this failure.





Yes ! What is going on with 50 song memoir ????? It was working and uploaded at 1am. At 10 am the text of the songs went from bold to faded. I emailed spotify and still have not received a response. As a Magnetic Fields mega fan I am pretty disapppointed by this album, nevertheless I need to listen to this album multiple times as soon as possible ! 

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@mapa305 @willfelder


The 50 songs album has been replaced, for now, by a selection of 16 songs. We can expect, later, a deluxe version with more songs.

The Magnetic Fields


I hope this selection wiil be a good way for waiting the full listening. 🙂