March 2019 Ideas Review

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March 2019 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


Want to know what's been going on in the Ideas Board in the last 30 days? Let's take a look...



1. [Desktop] View larger Album Art

On Desktop it's now possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).


2. Wikpedia Link for Artists

3. Show Credits also on Mobile

4. Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US (Deal currently availble in UK and France now)

5. Disable Video Loop Cover Art

6. Offline radio stations

7. [Android] Bring back Double-Tap Search


Case Closed:

8. Change BlackPink's Biography on Profile

It looks like BLACKPINK have edited their bio and it now doesn't mention BTS. As a heads up, Artist Bio's are controled by the artist themselves so we wouldn't edit what's written in them.


9. Add Playlist or Album to Queue







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Casual Listener

yes this can be happent


Why did you remove the deluxe album « anything goes »from florida georgia line  and can you add « country in my soul » and « what are you drinking about »from fgl ? Thanks!


Is this the place where one ads stuff to the idea board? My question is, Is there a way to select a song in my saved songs collection and Spotify will then select and play a playlist of corresponding/complementary music chosen (only) from the music I already have saved?


The radio stations are the exact same as the artist playlist! There is no radio algorithm! This is lazy Spotify! Bring back the "actual" artist radio stations. 


Those are awsome I am so happy about offline radio!!!




PLEASE HELP!!!! I just joined the community and I can't figure out how to post ideas. All I could figure out is how to post a comment to this community blog post. Kind of **bleep** at myself cause I can't figure this out and I work for Best Buy, so I'm pretty good with tech :p. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Thanks! 🙂


Hey Spotify team! Some of us are still waiting to change the playlists covers from our phones. 

It was, and still is a good idea. 


Porque no me aparece la canción "Valiente-koko"?, pueden agregarle?


please could you add a feature where you can remove a song from a playlist from the song menu or when you search for it in a playlist. i have a playlist with 580 something songs and it’s really annoying having to scroll down the whole thing to delete songs

Casual Listener

Some Spotify playlists (mostly in electronic music section) are curated in a way that the following song beat matches the previous one, like in a DJ mixing. To guarantee a smooth transition, they don't start at 0:00.
I feel like it should be an optional thing. I've had many songs where I'm into it and then suddenly changes to a wildly different beat.

Please add as an option!

You can always activate the “Crossfade” option from your “Playback” menu. There you can also find a “Gapless playback” option, that eliminates the time between song and song as much as it’s machine learning can.

I don’t care for the new radio station update.  My artist stations only contain 49 songs now that play on repeat rather then the previous version which would play hundreds of songs.  Spotify’s attempt to create a playlist is a failure.  I prefer having a radio station that plays more songs rather than the same ones over and over.  If I wanted a playlist I would just create one in the playlist function.


Dear Spotify, 

I've been a Spotify subscriber since 2015. I have one issue I'd like to address:

My girlfriend has a clingy, abusive ex that can see the songs she listens to, and there is no way to block his user without completely turning off the ability for her friends and I to see the songs she's listening to. 

The ability to block other users should be a standard feature on apps and sites like Spotify. I've seen other people complain about this issue in the Community Blog. 

Please consider adding a block user feature. 



Hi I have an idea I was wanting to share but I have no idea how to!!


letting friends queue songs from their phones too!


Hi! I've been a big music junkie ever since. There was this website before called iLike which made you add all the artists that you 'liked". I'm suggesting to make use of the Artist tab as a way for users to show their favorite artists by being able to edit it. The social aspect of "Spotify" has not really been improved I think. It would also be cool to be able to get an update from all the artists that we follow by adding a tab of all their facebook or instagram pages. I know this is a long shot but it would be very helpful alongside your very awesome "Release Radar". 


I love the new updates with a hole new interface and designs that makes it look really modern. All tho the backgrounds are a bit colorless and it would be better if all the playlists or songs that you’ve liked also have an album art/picture on the left side of every Individual song title just like the free version so that you recognize the song easier for example. But I want to see this in the (premium) version **bleep** well. Now it’s just blackness with only the song title. I can see a lot of improvements in this way and maybe for a future update one day👍🙏
I would love to see Apple TV app support. Because every time I want to connect with my phone to the Apple TV it’s very slow to change music, or just before it loads the song on the Apple TV for example, it’s just very slow for such premium device. Hopefully your team can fix this problem. Thank you so much for reading!! Keep on going with the updates!!

Can anyone help me? Can’t play any music through chrome cast as sky advert keeps playing and will not stop. When the add does eventually stop my connection with chrome cast is turned off. Baffled!


I wish that a Saved Album would have its own separate tab instead of putting all the album's songs in the Saved Songs tab.