March 2019 Ideas Review

March 2019 Ideas Review

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March 2019 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


Want to know what's been going on in the Ideas Board in the last 30 days? Let's take a look...



1. [Desktop] View larger Album Art

On Desktop it's now possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).


2. Wikpedia Link for Artists

3. Show Credits also on Mobile

4. Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US (Deal currently availble in UK and France now)

5. Disable Video Loop Cover Art

6. Offline radio stations

7. [Android] Bring back Double-Tap Search


Case Closed:

8. Change BlackPink's Biography on Profile

It looks like BLACKPINK have edited their bio and it now doesn't mention BTS. As a heads up, Artist Bio's are controled by the artist themselves so we wouldn't edit what's written in them.


9. Add Playlist or Album to Queue







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Casual Listener


This is a random idea but it would be so easy, informative and efficient if the profile of everyone's spotifiy had "The favourite song/album at the moment" right at the front so i can easily check out my friends' fav tunes instantly without flicking through the playlists. 



Bring back the song list and artist tab. You keep telling me all my saved songs go into a playlist called "liked songs". This is not the case since i have over 2000 saved and only 28 in the Liked playlist. Even if i unlike and relike something, it still wont show up there.




Quiero recomendarles algo para mejorar la app ya que para muchos ya tiene un diseño obsoleto 


- Tema blanco pero que esto sea a desición personal , es decir un interruptor 


- Que todas las canciones tengan su letra disponible y canciones en ingles haga la traducción y también la letra en modo offline así como en Apple música pero mejor 😉 


- Modo fiesta que para que vallas cantando de acuerdo a la canción 


- Agregar canciones locales desde un dispositivo móvil


Espero respuesta y espero que sí agreguen mis recomendaciones yo quiero con todo cariño que Spotify siga con millones de usuarios activos 


Atte - Rubio 


••••••I want to recommend something to improve the app since many have already an obsolete design - white topic but that this is to personal denial, that is, a switch - that all the songs have its available letter and songs in English make the translation and also the letter in offline mode as well as Apple music but better;) - party mode that for fences singing according to the song - Add songs local from a mobile device I hope and answer that you do add my recommendations I want all with you that SPOTIFY Follow millions of active users Atte - Rubio



Casual Listener

What do you think about adding some beatiful draws (small ones) to the listening mode. For example, while you put the song an new slide appears with the picture of the song or artist, so I think that if you a type of stars raining it will be more confortable to the person that in tose moments wants to find something relax and new at the same time!!

Casual Listener

Estaría muy bien que en la información de cada álbum se pusieran los miembros del grupo


Hey there @tarshbrewer,


Thanks for posting here in the Community about this!


Your saved songs should now appear in a playlist called Liked Songs in the mobile app.


For more tips on how to save music in Your Library, we'd suggest taking a look at this Spotify Answer.


Hope this helps! However, don't hesitate to let us know in the related Help Board if you have any further questions.


Have a lovely day 🙂


@Katerina I made a detailed post about that "Spotify answer" a while ago. Pretty much the information about saving songs is wrong. Saved songs do not go in the Liked songs playlist that it makes for you. I can even unlike then relike a song and it still wont be there. It is probably meant to, but they do not care to fix it (been months now).  Also, he uses the word "streamlined", when in fact it makes doing anything about 10x harder then it was before.


This whole UI change is a complete mess. I do not believe they did it to "streamline" the service. No one can be that dumb to think that this new UI is any good.


Please do not tell me to go to a voting thread for new ideas. I have voted on many of the threads about changing the It back that are out there and all are just ignored.


A seek in statusbar would be perfect for Android version

We have to open app to skip some parts of the song.



Hi: By adding the ability to scroll through the title for a long time, the experience of searching for and listening to classical music will be more fun. At the moment, it's strange that all the information is in the title and too slow. Moving speed. I also find it difficult to find certain movements in concerts, sonata, etc. It will actually complement all the differences. Shaurya Pratap Singh


Please add Hulu back to my account. From what was advertised it says that my Premium Account would be unchanged if I switched to Premium Family but I lost my Hulu subscription. Here's the information I had on switching and no mention that anything would change other than the price. "Each member of a Premium for Family plan has their own personal account - so you can use your existing account. All of your account details will remain the same, including any saved music, playlists, and followers.


I think it would be really useful if when creating a new playlist or adding songs to a playlist, you should be able to select multiple songs in one go; rather than having to click on each song and press add to playlist then select the playlist, as this is really time consuming.


Spotify should be more interactive with your friends, for instance it would be great if you could recommend music to friends or if you could 'thumbs up' music that your friends are listening to. In regards to this it would also be really helpful if you could have a friends feed on the mobile app as I rarely use spotify on a desktop so I tend to miss out on this feature.


new spotify look is awsowme


Why the **bleep** did this new update save full albums instead of specific songs from those albums/artists? When, I unlike the whole album those songs don't go away! I'm stuck with songs that I don't want to listen to on shuffle now when I listen to that specific artist! Your last couple updates and changes were uncalled for!



  • With the new UI update, PLEASE put a sort by option for the artists to be sorted by recently played. Looking at my recently played artists on the library page was the most convenient thing about this app. Now I can't even do that. 

I wish the updates would stop removing necessary elements of Spotify. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t work like it used to and the “improvements” add no value. Can we have the “Artist” tab under “Your Library” alphabetized again? I can’t really understand why it’s not anymore. And, lately, when I play my playlist, 1 or 2 songs play from the playlist, this it switches to recommended songs. If I wanted recommended songs, I’m sure I would have picked that instead of my playlist. Can we get back to basics? The updates aren’t intuitive. They’re just a nuisance. I’d like to be able to set my music in my car and forget it because I chose the songs I want to hear.


Everyone need the old look on Spotify!!!


Perhaps have an uninterrupted option button/icon in settings for not interrupting updating of music tracks when the phone is idle or screen is not present.