March 2019 Ideas Review

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March 2019 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


Want to know what's been going on in the Ideas Board in the last 30 days? Let's take a look...



1. [Desktop] View larger Album Art

On Desktop it's now possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).


2. Wikpedia Link for Artists

3. Show Credits also on Mobile

4. Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US (Deal currently availble in UK and France now)

5. Disable Video Loop Cover Art

6. Offline radio stations

7. [Android] Bring back Double-Tap Search


Case Closed:

8. Change BlackPink's Biography on Profile

It looks like BLACKPINK have edited their bio and it now doesn't mention BTS. As a heads up, Artist Bio's are controled by the artist themselves so we wouldn't edit what's written in them.


9. Add Playlist or Album to Queue







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how about you guys just implement the second most upvoted idea, huh?

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perhaps the 4th or the 5th one, since y'all don't seem to give a single f about the other one :))))))))))))))))

Casual Listener

How about Old Spotify look? 

Casual Listener

Pleaaaase i love Spotify but New look is pissing me off :(((


Since the latest update, I have not listened to Spotify. I have premium I used to be able to click on an artist and see the list of songs that I downloaded. I could then just play them. Now, when I click on an artist, the songs I used to see in list format are imbedded in their respective albums. For me to .isten to only the songs I downloaded, i have to open each album and play what’s highlighted the go to the next album....Quite frankly, when I am working I don’t have time for this. I just want to hear the songs I chose all at once. If this doesn’t revert back to the way it was I am cancelling my subscription and going elsewhere. 

Based on the many complaints about this horrible upgrade, I am shocked that Spotify is not concerned with making their customers happy. Isn’t that the point of customer service?

Casual Listener

how about a map of music around the world? so it shows the favourite/ rising artists of that particular region or city. i know spotify shows 'where people listen' on artists profiles but it would be cool it see it as a whole or in a map form? 


Hi, adding the ability to scroll through longer song titles would make the experience of searching for and listening to classical music so much more enjoyable, at the moment it’s quite awkward given all the information that is crammed into the titles and the tediously slow scrolling. I also struggle to find specific movements in concertos and sonatas etc. It really would make all the difference.



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How about adding the option to add your favorite albums to the album section, and not just the whole album for the one song you have saved in your library.  Or just adding another section to store all your favorite albums, as if it were a record room decades ago.  I would love that 


1- The samsung icon frame used to be fine and now it is not. Please remove the icon frame for samsung users.

2- The layout of the app once songs play is terrible after the last update. Please bring back the old layout.

3- The starting animation is not very esthetic.

4- The lyrics are annoying and there should be an option to turn them off. The background information that they give is irritating. People just wanna see the lyrics.

5- Whoever was involved with completing and allowing the last 4 updates needs to be fired. 


i miss old spotify


I dont know is this setting already in spotify yet, but i didnt find it

So i have a "problem" when i use spotify connect and play music from the speakers. Very often happens that me or some of my friends slide the volume bar from the phone to get more volume, but that bar is so sensitive.... so its kinda add +10 with one press only and ye speakers dont like it all (cause it wont stay in one touch :D)


So is there available some setting where u can disable using volumebar from the phone? would be better to use amplifier´s remote control


I have only seen topics, where people are discussing the opposite thing, for example this.


Change back to the old library UI and get rid of the 10k song limit

Thanks! How do I do that?

Hello guys,


I'm a ComSci student and I made a web app for my final year project that recommends a playlist according to the user’s captured facial expression (powered by a machine-learning model). So for instance, when the user smiles at the camera/webcam, the system will then predict that their current mood is happy and the app will display a list of tracks according to the track attributes matching the happy mood.


The main goal of this project is to provide a supplementary approach for accessibility in music applications and initiate convenience for users where promptly deciding to browse or search for a playlist can be mitigated with a feature utilizing the state-of-the-art technologies.


I'm curious to know whether this type of feature can be regarded by the developers/ end-users so give me a shoutout if you're down with this kind of groundbreaking proposal!


The technologies used are: Python, ReactJS, Flask, and ofc Spotify API.

Casual Listener

Bring back Old look IMG_20181229_182538.jpg



I wish they would also. I can honestly say I have not listened to Spotify for about 2 weeks. My favorite songs are buried in albums and not just listed as before. Apple Music is looking good about now.


I have a Canadian premium account for more than two years and I tried to register for the new Spotify offer for Google home mini.

Once you check in to the google store it says that the product is unavailable!

This offer is valid till May9, 2019 and this happened on April 10, is that a false advertisement??

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Adding the free Hulu deal to Premium Family accounts seems like a no brainer, not to mention that there are a lot of users asking for it. If you give the deal to those who pay less, why not give the deal to those who pay more? I already have Hulu, and I am interested in a Spotify Premium account, but only if my family can use it too. Fix this issue and you'll see more users signing up for Premium. Ignore it and you'll probably watch some users cancel their subscription to join other music services.


I can’t get over the disappearance of a way to dislike a song from a radio station. Why would I keep listening if I can’t ensure it won’t play a song I hate? The ability to customize radio stations would make Spotify almost perfect. Let us at least create stations out of multiple songs/artists like Pandora.... but being able to remove songs from radio is essential.


There are so many things broken by the last update around how the library works that I'm still finding things. Cannot see artists not followed. Artist page on phone now makes it hard to find music that's downloaded. Cannot save all songs when saving an album so they auto-download on a phone. Artists with only one or two songs saved are now pretty much impossible to find. It just goes on.


Please roll this back, it's discouraging me from using Spotify and I'm just listening to less now. This isn't a case of "getting used to it", it's just difficult to use.