March 2019 Ideas Review

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March 2019 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


Want to know what's been going on in the Ideas Board in the last 30 days? Let's take a look...



1. [Desktop] View larger Album Art

On Desktop it's now possible to expand album artwork to full screen by clicking the two diagonal arrows in the bottom right of the screen (next to the volume bar).


2. Wikpedia Link for Artists

3. Show Credits also on Mobile

4. Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US (Deal currently availble in UK and France now)

5. Disable Video Loop Cover Art

6. Offline radio stations

7. [Android] Bring back Double-Tap Search


Case Closed:

8. Change BlackPink's Biography on Profile

It looks like BLACKPINK have edited their bio and it now doesn't mention BTS. As a heads up, Artist Bio's are controled by the artist themselves so we wouldn't edit what's written in them.


9. Add Playlist or Album to Queue







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Casual Listener

All the vertical videos appear in the profile of the artists and also the normal videos


Buenas. No sé si estoy en el lugar correcto para ésto, pero es el único lugar que encontré para publicar mi comentario. 
Ahí ya tienen una idea: facilitar el foro para el oyente de habla hispana, de seguro somos muchísimos que lo agradeceremos. ¡No nos ninguneen!
Me gustaría un acceso en configuración avanzada para denunciar una canción corrupta, por cualquier motivo que sea. 
Y por último mejoraría la experiencia en el momento de descubrir un artista. Poder acceder de una manera más sencilla al primer álbum del artista, a través de categorías como fecha de lanzamiento, etc. 


First place I saw a could write something. Obviously just let me permanently listen to music in private mode if I want to. It's a joke you don't allow this. Sort it out.


Seriously, we pay you money for this service and you won't even grant the basic right to privacy. wth.

Casual Listener




This is probablly not in the right place but hope you can help. Have prem membership got google home offer, ordered, I had to reserve it, got email saying it was ready, click link to complete. Now it wants 88.00 what’s up with that. I know it’s a scam right


Not sure if this is right forum for this but something that was working fine is not working fine now


Specifically if my GF is listening at home and I'm on the road and I want to listen to Spotify it would first notify that the other device is using the account and do I want to continue to keep it goin on that device or now use my phone.  Now it just switches to my phone automatically without giving me that option and disrupts her listening.  I want my choice to switch or not to switch... back.   Thanks





I see everyone shares my thoughts on the new version. It’s terrible. Please listen to your customers and bring back the old format. Please and thank you. 


Please bring back the old look of Spotify, I have been displeased with the newer version for over a month or two now. I honestly don’t want to cancel my subscription but I will if it comes down to it. I know I’m not the only one with this thought. Thanks, Hailey 


You guys must bring back the list of all the artists back! Not just the one we follow! I feel the app is losing its purpose and lost some features

Not applicable


Not applicable

@Tom do you even read the comments like???????


Hey there @Limpus,


Thanks for posting here in the Community!


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Why is it so hard to get to this point to where I can tell you about problems on your app this is not user friendly I can delete my whole playlist but I cannot delete one song it took me 30 minutes to get to this comment page you can't make it easier.


Can you please make my list of songs  Easier to organize maybe by alphabetical Order At least can I have the option to do that in the app.?


Hi, please also display the date released of the song on your next updates. so we have idea if those songs are latest. [desktop] Title, Artist, Album, Date Released or Year.

That's not my question... my question is when I am Listening to my
playlist and I hear a song I do not like I can I not delete it instead it
asked and the options to if I want to add it to another playlist and when I
go to my playlists to search the song I still can't delete it. Also I would
like to organize the playlist and alphabetical order and weighed the search
is not that hard.
Casual Listener

Tbh this last update**bleep**, where are my downloaded songs ? I don't want to listen my music by artist or playlist, I want the songs sub-menu back. 


Bring back the ability to see artists with the songs we have downloaded. Not their page. In other words bring back to old Spotify. This is a joke of an update.


Come on guys... friends feed on mobile! Can’t be that difficult to implement. That protocol is already there...