May 2020 Ideas Review


Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated recently.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?




1. [All Platforms][Playlists] Skipping songs in a playlist that you are not the creator of

It's now possible to hide tracks within any playlist on mobile.

Just head to the context menu (three dots), and tap "Hide song". The song will be marked as "Hidden", meaning it'll no longer play in that playlist. This can be undone at any time too.


2. [Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!


3. [Browse] Hide song in Premium

We're marking this as implemented, as this feature is now available on mobile.

If we have any info regarding this on desktop in the future, we'll head back here with an update.


4. [All Platforms] Sleep Timer

We can confirm this is available on both iOS & Android!

You can check out this idea, if you'd like to vote for a sleep timer on desktop too.


5. Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!

We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.




6. [All Platforms][Your Library] Delete Songs from Account History

7. [All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

8. [Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

9. [Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"



10[Running] Bring back Running



11. [Mobile] Listening History On Mobile




12. [iOS][Other] Spotify Alarm on iOS



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Music Fan

I would like to suggest that Spotify Apps when using CarPlay has an option to show only downloaded albums/playlits. It just a question of safety for not using the mobile to change an album or a playlist while driving. Thank you in advance.


How has the feature to remove and block followers not been implemented yet? It's something that many users have requested due to personal reasons and some excellent points were made here on why we want it removed:


Hello! I would very much like to see a specific song by the Brazilian band "Los Hermanos".

The music is called "Bom dia", and it is very important for my girlfriend and for me.



What we need is quality options in the Web Player.


(if someone already submitted an idea such as this, please let me know)

Casual Listener

A subscription in Belarus costs $ 5, and in Russia $ 2.3, while the income of the population in Belarus is several times lower than in Russia, which is why a subscription in a country with a low income of the population costs more than in Russia, where the income level of the population is much higher than in Belarus. Make the subscription price in Belarus at least the same as in Russia, but better cheaper than in Russia.


I would love to be able to shuffle play my recently played songs (similar to apple music). I've been a member of apple music and miss this feature a lot


Need only one feature on desktop. It's custom change cache directory to another drive. Because Spotify writes a lot cache files (<3-5Gb per day) when use it a long time. The cache writes on system disc C, many users use SSD on system C with small size. We need to change cache directory. Please do it.


Hi! I just started with Spotify. I started Family Premium. How can I follow my family members if they don't use facebook? I've found a topic saying it's impossible.

If it is so, please add possibility to follow you family plan members.


I absolutely love how Spotify enabled me to discover and enjoy new and old music.


One of my bigger gripes is one of the features you had already implemented but decided to remove: disliking songs and even artists in a Daily Mix. Good to see it back on the good ideas list.


I walk to my workplace almost every day. One routine I had in place was to purge one or two of my Daily Mixes of songs I rather dislike and then having a pleasant listening experience on the way and back.


As much as discovering new music makes me happy, as much it annoys me getting certain artists and songs recommended again and again.


I suppose for now I can work around it partially by making a playlist containing only songs I like from daily mixes.

Might this be the way you intended people to use daily mixes? I can see why you would want to have it that way, but hope you seriously consider adding the dislike option back 🙂


Have a great day, wherever you are!




Gostaria de poder desativar a função da capa do álbum na tela de bloqueio, sem tirar a função de trocar a música ou pausar direto na tela de bloqueio. Apenas tirar o álbum.

Gig Goer

I have an idea. Create a better interface to give support to your developers. There isn't a single place other than this forum that you can ask for help in. "JuSt mAkE aN iSsUe oN tHE rEpo" oh yeah they are all completely, utterly, unmaintained.


Quite convenient how unanswered questions roll offscreen every day. Also convenient that you have no dedicated professionals for support - people only reply if they want to.


Share your music directly on spotify with your friends.


Computer: I WOULD LOVE to share Music with my friends by draging the Songs to/on their Names (in Spotify). So if you are receiving a song you'll get a Popup Message on your Computer/Mobile Phone.


Right now you can only share them by sending a Link over social media..

I think this internal sharing option is really missing!


Mobile: Hit the three Controle Dots and share them over Spotify with them.

Sharing music means sharing love



It would be nice to see more things done about grayed out songs, it doesn't make much sense to say licensing issues or not available in someones country, especially when the music is from their country, and everything else from them is available or their album. Especially when some songs go from available to unavailable and back and forth within weeks, spotify is a great music platform, but it seriously needs attention.


I have banned some artists on my phone that i don't like. And spotify on PC still recommends me them when i'm making playlist. I think this is more of a bug than an idea. Fix this please. 

And i think you should let us same as on phone ban artist on PC.



I really hope Spotify is able to implement podcast notifications for new episodes of pods to which we are subscribed. Seems like a fairly basic feature for an app or site if they want people to make it their go to app or site for podcasts.

Casual Listener

I am new in this community but not in Spotify. I have some ideas to give, how can I post it?


Hola hace más de dos meses que intento hacer el reclamos y no me dan la mínima respuesta, hace más de dos meses me vienen haciendo el descuento de el plan premium en mi tarjeta, siendo que ya no tengo el plan porque lo cancele de la forma apropiada. Siendo así no deberían descontarme. Quiero una solución !!!

Casual Listener

Bonus tip (that's more of a complaint): No 'Play next' button

You should know that when you tap Add to Queue on a song, it gets added at the end of your queue. With Apple Music, in contrast, there is a Play Next option to play a song next and a Play Later option that adds it to the end of the queue. With Spotify, you can add songs only to the end of your queue and then need to manually drag a track to the top to play it next. Spotify, why can't I have separate Add Next and Add to Queue buttons?


Here are a few things I would like to see in an update.

-Being able to see how much you listen to a certain genre of music

-Having lyrics

-Adding a feature where people could make groups of friends where they can share playlists

-I also think it would be helpful if users could copy multiple songs in a playlist and move them to another one.



In India many playlists in made for you section like Discover weekly , release radar, daily wellness and most of songs are missing. When will u permit all features in India.