May 2020 Ideas Review

May 2020 Ideas Review

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Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated recently.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?




1. [All Platforms][Playlists] Skipping songs in a playlist that you are not the creator of

It's now possible to hide tracks within any playlist on mobile.

Just head to the context menu (three dots), and tap "Hide song". The song will be marked as "Hidden", meaning it'll no longer play in that playlist. This can be undone at any time too.


2. [Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!


3. [Browse] Hide song in Premium

We're marking this as implemented, as this feature is now available on mobile.

If we have any info regarding this on desktop in the future, we'll head back here with an update.


4. [All Platforms] Sleep Timer

We can confirm this is available on both iOS & Android!

You can check out this idea, if you'd like to vote for a sleep timer on desktop too.


5. Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!

We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.




6. [All Platforms][Your Library] Delete Songs from Account History

7. [All Platforms] "Don't Like Button" should be added to all sections

8. [Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

9. [Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"



10[Running] Bring back Running



11. [Mobile] Listening History On Mobile




12. [iOS][Other] Spotify Alarm on iOS



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Please let us alphabetise playlists. I was getting around it the long way by sorting by artist > cutting all tracks > pasting them back in. However, now the cut feature isn't working with this new update so I can't even do that! Please fix this, dragging and dropping tracks in larger playlists isn't really an option. There are some good new features in the update but this is a massive drawback.


Is there an option to delete multiple downloaded podcast episodes, instead of having to remove every single one?

Casual Listener

Bring back the option to hide the media keys overlay. It's invasive and must be hidden if the user want it like that. Why did you remove that basic and necessary feature?


I think we have to put parent control on swearing because when I searched up a profile and I saw a thousand of swearing on the usernames. I think Spotify has to force the people to change their username to normal names.


Can we add more satisfying features ???

Spotify Star
Spotify Star

Hey @TimUnkknown65, thanks for your comment here!


Good idea! Spotify is actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams there so they know which features are important to you. If you've got a good idea, you can submit it here.


Next to that, you can always report display names that go against the Spotify Guidelines on prohibited content with the report function in the app.


Also, if you're using Spotify with children, you might want to check out Spotify Kids: Let me know if you have any questions!


Have a great day,



This is a pretty big problem. I have one playlist that has a ton of songs on it. I need to change the order of songs on my laptop so that if I don't feel like shuffle playing, I can hop into my playlist and put good songs on the top or new songs on the top. I have been using the date added filter but I can't move the songs around in this. I want to keep the regular date that I had before, so making a duplicate is not an option. When I put it on a custom order, it automatically goes to the opposite of date added i.e. date from oldest to newest instead of newest to oldest. I want to be able to move around these songs efficiently, but it looks like I have to sort 500+ songs, and every time I add new songs I have to drag them to the top. Spotify should allow us to move the songs around in the filter or control the custom order. Maybe, we could select multiple songs and put a filter on them. Updating the custom order software to make it more efficient would be much better. Maybe there isn't something that I am aware of, but it isn't very efficient to drag all of them to the top.


Why don’t you make video available on ALL platforms?!? Not just mobile. Especially since you took JRE from YouTube.. this is ridiculous I was here 6 months ago and it still isn’t resolved. No video streaming on Xbox, Roku, or anything!!!! Just on mobile devices.. that’s so stupid. Give him back to YouTube and let him keep the money since this is YOUR F**k up.... 100% 

Casual Listener

hey how about firing the person who designed the new UI, then reverting it back to the old one!

The current UI is a pile of trash and I think there's a pretty strong unanimous hatred for it. It's a mess, it's ugly, it's the opposite of user friendly, it removed several features or made them MORE difficult to access, and is just generally a pain to navigate.

Revert to the old UI.


please and I beg as a daily listener, and I mean I basically spend my time on Spotify instead of class browsing around throughout the desktop app. I ABSOLUTELY HATE and really hate the new update.  I find it awfully hard and and not aesthetically pleasing, I feel that I got a virus on my computer trying to download the old IU from a sketchy website

Casual Listener

Since this awful UI update was implemented, I have lost the ability to sort my playlist songs by most recently added on the PC version. Sorting by "date added" only goes earliest to latest with no option to do the reverse.

I almost exclusively listen to the newest songs in my playlist first, so now being able to do that is really annoying. I made a forum account here for the sole purpose of finding a solution for this awful update.

While there are other egregious things about the new UI, such as mixing playlists, artists, and albums in the "Your Library" tab, the worst one is definitely my previous complaint. Please bring back Ascending Order. I am seriously considering canceling my premium.


Knowing Spotify doesn't listen to its subscribers, I see little reason to continue with the service. I have Amazon Music Unlimited as my secondary source, but now I need to replace my primary streamer. As much as I've tried to avoid the Apple ecosystem, the Apple Music iOS is looking like a very viable alternative to your newly  christened UI shipwreck. Talk about alienating even your staunchest customers.

can’t play this song for some reason, I had it in my playlist for awhile now 


Is anyone else bugged by how the update shows the profiles of your followers and annoyed by how you cant pick them?? Whenever I open my profile I see the profile of my ex-boyfriend along with other people I don't really want to be shown and I can't remove them because Spotify doesn't allow you to either block or remove followers. Please fix this. 


The new update sucks.

Definitely seems to be the general concensus.


The thing that bugs me the most about the last update on my PC ( is the title view. The UI gives much less information : the number of lines (each title) that we are able to see without scrolling has been drastically reduced, which is a huge downside for navigating one's library or other's playlists.

I'm not sure if I'm clear here (please excuse my english), but I hope that this problem will soon be resolved with an update reverting this aspect of the UI, as it seems to be an issue for others.

Have a nice day !


Video support for joe rogan podcast on Playstation. I enjoy watching joe from time to time and it's been a while since Joe moved to your platform. I understand that there may be some issues during the changeover but it is long passed an acceptable grace period with no direct answers from what i have seen. When is it coming? Why has it not been done already?


Make it easier to find the new releases by artists you listen to.  The category seems to disappear after a few days and i have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page to find it.   I would love it if you could add as a tab


Just revert the Desktop UI update

That is all we ask. the new UI is a UX nightmare. its a waste of screen space and very difficult to use.

Have to keep downgrading every time I reboot as it seems you have spent more time making the update system unavoidable which sucks.

Not sure I will continue paying if this UI continues to get worse


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