Metallica – now on Spotify!

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Spotify just got louder. Here’s Metallica!



With millions of fans the world over and nearly a dozen multi-platinum albums under their studded belt, Metallica are undoubtedly the most successful rock band in history.

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We’re thrilled to announce that for the first time EVER, Metallica’s back catalogue is now available to stream online – only on Spotify!



We know. It is Incredible huh?!



The singles, the albums, even special live performances – they’re all yours to listen to right now.



So are you ready to rock? Listen to Metallica now!





This is amazing, can't even begin to tell you how long I've wanted to see them on here!


Now, if you'd do all us metalfans a huge favor and make sure to add Rammstein, it's something that I would absolutely love you for.





That is very cool but what happened to the acoustic version of "Disposable Heroes" from the Bridge School Benefit album that was already up?


Does this also include all their songs where they appeared on other albums?


I see "The Ecstasy of Gold" on the album "We All Love Ennio Morricone" is still flagged as unavailable.



Casual Listener

Is it ment to be a weird sound in this song Metallica- Unforgiven II, at 5:48?

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Doubt it's "meant" to be there. 😛

But come on, it's just split second and barely hearable if you don't concentrate on it.

On the other side that awesome song deserves to be flawless! 😉


If you still want to report it go to the Contact Form -> Give Feedback -> Report a problem with a track.

Casual Listener

I'll try to not concentrate on it, but now when i know its there its hard not to. And yes this song deserve to be recorded without any skype "notification"(chat) sounds at 5:48 \m/


Amazing to see metallic on spotifuggle.

Have finally Lars Ulrich come to insight that he can't stop the future,

And probable make some dollars on being on spotifuggle.


And who told: you can't teach an old dog new tricks?