Monthly Idea Review: August 2017


August 2017 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and present the ones we’ve updated in the past 31 days.


We're here to take a look at the ideas we updated for you all in August. Curious what we implemented last year? Well check out our Yearly Ideas Review: 2016 here. 



1. Spotify XBOX One App

In August we implemented the Community's #2 request: XBOX One support. Spotify is now available on Xbox One in 34 markets* around the world. The new integration means that millions of Xbox One gamers can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to provide a fresh soundtrack for every gaming session.


xbox 2.jpg


2. Student Discount in Sweden


sweden student.png


3. Podcasts & Videos on Desktop


4. Prevent duplicates in Discover Weekly


5. All Offline Tracks in Main Menu


6. Fullscreen Artwork


7. Desktop Full screen playback info and visuals


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.25.21 PM.png




8. [Android] Rearrange tracks inside a playlist


9. Make adverts relevant to what I'm listening to


10. Multi-Account Setting: Quickly Switch User Accounts























11. [Sony] Add support to PS3/PS4 App


12. [Playlists] Scroll automatically to current Track Position


13. More Notifications


14. Shuffle by Album


15. Soundcloud Integration


16. AM/FM Radio streaming




17. Equalizer for the Desktop Version


18. Ability to see which of my playlists a song is in


19. Redesign the Android app to fit the Material Design Guidelines


20. Implement Touch Preview On Android


21. Less space between lines


We're listening!


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Community Legend

That's an impressive list of ideas!  


PLEASE BRING BACK TOUCH PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring back touch preview. That thing was the only reason i use spotify . Are the developers stupid? Why did they remove the best thing on spotify?????? TOUCH PREVIEW !!!! BRING THAT BACK !

Rock Star 16
Rock Star 16

Love to see all these ideas implemented! 🙂

Casual Listener

 Can you please make it so that we can see who follows our own public playlists? I can only see the number of people who follow me. It would make social interaction much greater if we could see who follows our playlists. 

Music Fan

love how hands on you guys are with answering questions and stuff 🙂 


hola es posible activar el equalizador custom para pc ...sería una gran herramienta para escuchar a mi gusto en mi casa....ya que uso PREMIUM ....estaré probando a ver que tal ... hay plataformas que si lo traen.... lo seguiré pensando a ver que tal


please bring in a instant messenger function for "activity of my friends" 


Actually its not a question, but more-alike a suggestion, what if Shazam integrated as a service (sure as a free) with Spotify or trying out similar engine to search for audio source based on samples taken 😄

Music Fan

In love with the Spotify desktop full screen implementation 


I think that you should consider giving high schooler the student discount also! I know tons of people would use it. And what if people aren't going to college right when they turn 18 but they are going into the military and can't go to college right away shouldn't they get a discount also? 


Bring back touch preview!! 


I got an idea which I've envisioned as a kid. This Idea is revolutionary and have gotten distinctions on my assignment in entreprenuial innovation subject. Had trouble getting in touch with you'll and have tried numerous ways, this is one of them. I think we can bring massive change the music app industry. Just get in touch with me and hear me out. That's all.

Gig Goer

Thats an impressive list of ideas!! This is great!! 


TOUCH PREVIEW PLEASE. Please bring it back, I have no desire to even attempt to sort through new music now, I found so much great music through touch preview that I would've never found otherwise.


I have many many playlists with many tracks in each one. Often I can't remember which playlist I put a song in.  I would like to be able to search for songs across all my playlists.


Does anyone know how to do this?


I would really like a way to disable the Genius lyric facts but KEEP THE ACTUAL LYRICS. If I'm learning the lyrics to a rap song you don't see more than half the lyrics. Same goes for any music genre really. 


It would be fun to be able to "rename" songs within My Music or a playlist, with the new title denoted in some way (different color font maybe?). You could use it for organizing (rename a song in a wedding playlist to "Processional" or "Recessional") or just for fun (rename "24K Magic" to "TURNUP IN THE DORM").


Note: this would not change the actual name of the song file-wise; there would be some way to show the actual name, like if you right-click on it or something.


Hopefully this idea is simple enough to actually implement. I really like the folders feature but I find myself with many different playlists and it becomes a lot to navigate through. What I'm suggesting is a way to create a custom filter within a playlist: to either play certain songs you've selected or omit certain songs you've selected.

Music Fan

Thanks a lot for sharing this status, this a great way to include the users into the development process. It is your right and duty to take decisions what to do and what not. If you would share your reasoning for a NO decision, those who liked it could even be more understanding.