Monthly Idea Review: August 2017


August 2017 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and present the ones we’ve updated in the past 31 days.


We're here to take a look at the ideas we updated for you all in August. Curious what we implemented last year? Well check out our Yearly Ideas Review: 2016 here. 



1. Spotify XBOX One App

In August we implemented the Community's #2 request: XBOX One support. Spotify is now available on Xbox One in 34 markets* around the world. The new integration means that millions of Xbox One gamers can now choose the perfect music from Spotify to provide a fresh soundtrack for every gaming session.


xbox 2.jpg


2. Student Discount in Sweden


sweden student.png


3. Podcasts & Videos on Desktop


4. Prevent duplicates in Discover Weekly


5. All Offline Tracks in Main Menu


6. Fullscreen Artwork


7. Desktop Full screen playback info and visuals


Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.25.21 PM.png




8. [Android] Rearrange tracks inside a playlist


9. Make adverts relevant to what I'm listening to


10. Multi-Account Setting: Quickly Switch User Accounts























11. [Sony] Add support to PS3/PS4 App


12. [Playlists] Scroll automatically to current Track Position


13. More Notifications


14. Shuffle by Album


15. Soundcloud Integration


16. AM/FM Radio streaming




17. Equalizer for the Desktop Version


18. Ability to see which of my playlists a song is in


19. Redesign the Android app to fit the Material Design Guidelines


20. Implement Touch Preview On Android


21. Less space between lines


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PLEASE Make a small button to press to go right to the bottom of the playlist!! Or be able to scroll faster. i have a playlist over 500 songs and it takes forever to scroll down. Like when i get the aux it takes so long to pic a song!!!


Discover weekly sometimes fills up with songs I actually have no interest in whatsoever (example: I think one week I listened to 99 luftballons and now half the songs in my discover weekly are German songs which I have no interest in), it would be nice to have a feature to select which songs we actually enjoyed in discover weekly or to remove similar songs to the ones we aren't interested in.


Include the lyrics would be amazing. That was the reason why I signed as a premium but they remove it...


I know it has been discussed before, but the web player needs (more than ever now) to notificate the user if he is adding a duplicate song to one of his playlists, both the Desktop and Windows 10 Spotify apps are freezing some PCs completely after the creators update, so if you can't fix that (don't get it wrong because that might also be on Microsoft), why not adding that feature to the web player, which is the only one that doesn't freeze entire computers?


Hope i explained it well, my english isn't good at all, lol.

Music Fan

A 64bit windows version would be handy...

Casual Listener

Not sure where else to reach out to, so I will try here in the hopes my suggestion is seen. For as long as I've had Spotify Premium, I have wished I could create a "Downloaded" section. I would envision it to be under the "My Library" section on the app. From there, I could easily access all of my downloaded albums, playlists, songs, etc. This would make my life a million times easier, and from friends I've talked to, it would be beneficial to many!


Being able to choose multiple songs, thus facilitating the organization and separation of the songs


Me gustaría tener la posibilidad de quitarme de encima cierto tipode musica que no quiero que se cuele en mis recomendaciones. 


Simply not impressed as the basics aren't there on the iOS app or desktop versions when it comes to highlighting favourites in a playlist ie colour coded or starred and also sorting new/old listed tunes in a long playlist to save having to finger scroll all the way down. They're such basic features, spotify should be embarrassed that these common functions aren't as standard.

Not applicable

 I love to see some improve design for spotify (ANDROID) version like get that stupid BLACK backround out of the spotify and add like white backround and green icons now the icons are white.... Boring... Is it so hard to do that i dont think so :) please other people will love it too. And when you click some song and there is that picture for that song i like to see same backround that Todays top hits has :))) and when launching spotify i like to see that spotify logo not some black backround... :)


Please bring back Touch Preview! :)

Casual Listener



1) Bring back touch/audio preview from playlist

2) Number each song in playlist

3) Add artwork/label for each song to the left

4) Improve sound quality ( i've been listening between normal to extreme but cannot tell the difference even i used my high quality headphone.

5) How come the Home button on my ipad app is missing at the bottom.



Casual Listener

I recently went premium and was excited to start using the Spotify app on my Roku only to find that I cannot access any of my playlists there.  I would have to spend hours looking for music again.  Please bring the playlists feature back.  I think if we are paying for premium, we should be able to access our music on the Roku app.

Gig Goer
Here's a monthly idea, fix the current bugs before releasing further updates, try improving customer communication stop leaving us in the dark, the music service it great the customer service experience is a big pile of cow pat just saying.

Anybody want bios on their profile page I know I do




Uma dica .. coloque temporizador para que o App possa desligar automaticamente pelo tempo escolhido pelo usuário..serve para quem gosta de ouvir música no período da noite quando vai dormir .. possa dormi tranquilo sem que o App continue reproduzindo até o fim da playlist 

Music Fan

Great stuff gals and guys. While reading this I had an enhancement idea pop into my head: one thing that would make it easier for workflow when building public playlists would be the ability to clone private playlists.



You're idiots, sorry but bearing in mind you even put  "While we know this is a popular request, we don’t feel the majority of listeners would benefit from the addition of a visualizer at this time." Your feelings are irrelevant, this is something your customer base wants. I want it to protect my screen so when I want to listen to Beethoven's 6th in it's entirity and I don't shaft my screen.If you put it in, you will find that YOUR customers use it. Do what we ask, put one in! I don't want to have to use youtube!!!!


I don't understand why the queue function for the web-player has been removed? Particularly if you are a Premium member. This is a core  function that the majority of alternative platforms have. 
Please bring it back!