Monthly Ideas Review - May 2016

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Community Manager

May 2016 Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and present the ones we’ve updated in the past 31 days.


We're here to take a look at the ideas we updated for you all in May. Curious what we implemented last year? Well check out our Yearly Ideas Review: 2015 here. 






1. Add support for Android TV.


2. Cheaper Family Plan offer.


We've just announced changes to our Spotify Family Plan.


Now you can have up to 6 members on one plan for $14.99. 

Check out the Spotify Family website here for more details on how to sign up.


Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.38.27 PM.png




3. [Mobile] Filter to show only full Albums in Your Music.






4. [Desktop] Bring back notifications from followed Artists. 


5. Add Songs to more than one Playlist at once.


6. Bring Playlist notifications back.













7. More sorting options for Playlists (Sort by Genre, Most Played, etc).


8. Update Roku app [Radio].


9. Spotify should accept bitcoin.



Your ideas matter at Spotify


Every week we update your ideas posted in the Idea Exchange. We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you. 


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 Hey @meahtenoha, the link for the "Bring back notifications from followed artists" link appears to be broken.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks @Swanny, fixed!

Casual Listener

@Meredith How many days notice do I have to give Spotify in order to cancel my subscription? I am hoping to get the 3 month trial but want to wait a few months after to get full premium. TIA


How about stop dicking around with "new ideas" and bring back the **bleep** desktop notifications?

People actually **bleep** i n g pay to use the app you know? And they expect functionality to be added, not taken away!

Cannot believe the same team that deliver "Discover Weekly" actually took away one of the things I used the most on the app.

Get your S h i t together guys, come on!


Casual Listener

If you drive a Ford you don't even have the ability to use the app as the screen is locked out.  Here is an idea... let drivers of Ford vehicles use spotify natively  !!


Bring back lyrics on screen pls :D

And when you are doing that, i would be nice if you could do lyrics on spotifys CarPlay app as well :-)


I agree with @protocol78


There should be radio for smart tv


There should be an option to select repeat 1 song on ps4. You have to manually put the song over and over again. 


Also, to add a description and a picture to playlist would be lovely



Community Legend

@HuusDK that defeats the entire purpose of CarPlay, it's meant to be distraction fee, not packed with features. 


How stupid am I for staying premium for about more than 6 month, waiting for Spotify to bring notifications back... Why not let the choice to users in the settings ??

Definitely need to find a new platform. 


I've noticed in the last few weeks when I'm on Spotify (non-Premium) using my IPod5 and playing songs on my playlist, that it cuts off after a few songs and requires me to go out of Spotify and then back in to continue playing.  This wasn't a problem earlier this year.  What's the deal?




Can there be a function that allows us to copy albums and songs from apple music to spotify? It would definitely benefit apple users that want to switch to spotify


¿por que no agregar un ecualizador a la version de pc?




How Indonesian people can get Spotify premium ?

indonesia has a big population and many people are reasonably capable of paying a monthly fee to get it.

Can they get it through other country.


Ronny Abednego.


Hi, how it is possible that the most powerful and brilliant idea that could bring Spotify to a whole new level bypassing all competitors at once with an opportunity to make 'Playlist with best suitable songs for you by you' has a status of 'Not right now' ? 

"Tag music"


Frankly speaking,


3. [Mobile] Filter to show only full Albums in Your Music.

5. Add Songs to more than one Playlist at once.

6. Bring Playlist notifications back.


Those updates/improvements do not look like anything important to me and moreover, they are not difficult to implement. I love Spotify and trying to contribute as much as I can, but it looks like Spotify developers team thinks that they did 100% of all important tasks and now it is a right time to mess with useless user wishes to show how hard they work.


Sadly I can't see a reason for such stagnancy and kinda disappointed.



Lyrics please!

Casual Listener

 You shouldn't call it a family plan if you don't give parents the ability to filter music with explicit lyrics so their kids can safely listen to spotify.  Let's just call it a friends' plan.  I've got a family plan on Apple Music so my kids can listen safely to music. And now they're so used to it, they wouldn't even migrate to Spotify. Unfortunately, I liked Spotify better, but my family comes first.


If you search for a song/playlist/artist , you have to click on the result first before you can play the song or so, please implement a direct play button on those results, I hate it when I have to scroll to all those results instead of just clicking play.