Monthly Ideas Review

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Monthly Ideas Review

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


We're a tad late this month, but let's take a look at what's changed recently..



1.  Return repeat and queue buttons to Now Playing View

The Repeat and Queue buttons have returned to the Now Playing View on the mobile app. The repeat button has moved to the left and you Queue can be found just below. 


2. Mark Podcasts as Played

3. Modifiable Hearts/Dislikes



4. Spotify in Serbia

Spotify is launching regularly in countries around the world. Please keep an eye on the Spotify blog or signup here to be first to hear if we reach Serbia.

5. Spotify in Croatia 



6. Landscape mode on iPhone


We're keeping this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.


7.  Friends Feed on Mobile






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2559 votes and 41 pages of comments. Still rising fast and still no reply from Spotify on it. What is the point of these ideas when they just ignore them?


Can we please get search in playlist feature back to top of the playlist instead of going into the menu? it is kinda annoying and not practical using "regural sized phone" (anything more than 5" screen)


Hi im currently a premium member, i love the new look of the update on mobile but i miss the fact that I could scroll through my entire liked songs playlist using the side letter section to quickly get to the song I want when using the title filter


Hi there! It will be great to make songs with featuring artists visible on both artist's pages!

Casual Listener

I've been with spotify since it came to the US (under two different accounts).


The worst thing that has happened to the service since day-one is the removal of the ability to save partial albums. Until late last week I could go to an album and save it to my library, then I could unsave some of the songs leaving me with the album that I wanted.


This may sound like an uneeded luxury, but think about an album like Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. Spotify only has one version of this album and it's the Super Delux version. Four hours and 58 tracks! If I just wanted to hear the original album I could do that by saving the album, then unsaving the 47 uneeded tracks.


Now I have no option to do that. It's the whole 58 track album or nothing. This has messed up dozens of albums in my library. I am now making playlists of albums that have extra tracks (and there are a ton of them).


Please bring this ability to unsave individual tracks from albums back. It is a major issue for some of us.



3184 votes and 46 pages of comments. Rising fast. Spotify still trying to ignore it, it seems.

I just feel and today's economic recession that's the price monthly and yearly Spotify is a little bit high for us the middle class we really can't afford that. As much as I'd love to become a premium member there's no way I can afford to pay the prices that you're asking for. Right now you have a special I believe it's .99 cents a month for your first 3 months but then it goes back up to $9.99 a month that's over $120 our year. To really probably think this is a stupid email but I really do feel the current cost your app it's considerably high. I bet if you lower the price or if it's some sort of yearly discount your customer base would grow exponentially because more people would be willing to give you let's say $3 a month or what is that work out to a year $36. And I bet you would still be making money hand-over-fist. I mean I'm sure I'm not the first person to realize that you have a monopoly with musixmatch being the only music app (Spotify) that works within musixmatch. It would be nice if let's say Poweramp worked with musixmatch just as Spotify does, it used to and it was incredible. I really hope your team is able to come up with some manageable cost for the average middle class American so that we can all invest in and by your app. Thank you for listening to my opinion. Respectfully Jeff
Music Fan

When will you be bringing back an alphabetical library feature. The 'Right Folks and 'The Right Team' have both meant to be onto it for several months now!


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Please fix the artist organization. It was really good the original way. I follow a lot of acts that re-release and I don't choose to follow them and now they are scattered because it isn't in alphabetical order and there is no option to mix the followed and unfollowed artists. Makes it a lot harder to find artists where I may only have a few songs and that's all I will ever want from them. I personally don't like this update, it "fixed" things that weren't broken and made it a lot more cumbersome to use.




Your 10,000 song limit is not OK. Please please please for the love of the lord Jesus Christ increase this song limit.

Thank you!

Casual Listener

If ****'s still ****ed by july, I'm out.

See if Google, Apple or Deezer do like money being thrown at them enough to listen to end-users.


As expected: so far the update was not reverted, nobody from spotify made any empty promises or even so much as acknowledged this problem.


I'm starting to hope you won't fix anything as the search for a new service is feeling like a heavy weight from my shoulders.


Edit:07-01: cancelling subscription. Not like anybody (especially at spotify) cares.


Edit:07-02: Google Play Music was totally worth half a day of messing around with other streaming services and another half a day getting my paypal fixed (I don't like Google's newfound hunger for payment info up-front but I'm going to happily pay them after my free trial regardless). I wish I knew about their desktop player years ago.


It's funny how the same songs seem to sound so much better when you don't have to fight your application every **bleep** step of the way.

Casual Listener

I have made a lot of my very own playlists. Now you guys messed that up by pinning my liked songs to the top of my playlist order. I don't want the playlist and can't even move it to a different spot. Very annoyed. 


4003 Votes and 55 pages of comments.
No one in their right mind likes the new UI. You have forced people to cancel subscriptions and move to other services because your new app just does not work. The new UI makes everything so much harder to find and all your support keeps saying is "it is now streamlined and easier!", then they proceed to say that we are the problem and are using it wrong. 

You have been ignoring this idea since Febuaray. Stop pushing your paying customers away with this garbage.


Hello all spotify users, who love to hear audiobooks,

I miss a function to set a bookmark, to find the spot, where I left my last session.


Regards Anna Karenina 


I use Spotify Premium and I save all the songs I want to listen to so that I don’t have to use data to listen to music. Now with this new update, my saved music has gotten completely messed up. I can’t just see the songs I saved. I used to go to the artist section and my saved songs were organized alphabetically by artist but now that has been taken away. Also, all the songs from every album I have a song from, has now been added to my artist section which is annoying because I don’t want those songs. This new update is terrible compared to how it used to be. Please change it back. 

Casual Listener

Here’s an idea, just unroll the absolutely dreadful release you’ve imposed on us all. You had something that worked. Everyone knew how it worked. It was logical. I’ve not read a single positive review of the new UI. Congrats, you have to work really hard to get it so wrong.


4587 Votes and 62 Pages of comments. I was reading up on the ideas. It said you would look at ideas that are above 500 votes and give them a status. This idea has been sitting on "New Idea" since febuaray and you have yet to give it a status. Meaning you are just ignoring it. So this whole "idea" thing you are doing seems to be a load**bleep**.


The idea is for the old UI to come back. This new UI is just idiotic.