Music for your doggos!


Hey everyone, 


This May I’m excited to shower you with dog-related info! 


‘Why?’ you might ask. 


Well, first of all, I’m a huge dog lover and anything that has to do with dogs brings me joy and excitement 🙂 


A perfect example is my own dog - Lissa. Curious fact - while her name is common abroad, in my country it is considered special because it sounds like the word ‘fox’. Plus, she looks like one.


Here’s the two of us casually meeting a new friend in the good old Dog Park. Can you recognize the breed?

So why all this talk about dogs on our Music Blog? Well, you might not know it, but there’s more to Spotify and dogs than you would expect. Not only are there playlists to help your dog calm down, but there are podcasts to help you with raising and training a puppy.


That brings me to a favorite podcast of mine - Your New Puppy: Dog Training and Dog Behavior Lessons to Help You Turn Your Puppy into a Well-Behaved Dog.


I find it so useful and like it a lot because:


  • The information is easy to understand 
  • The episodes are relatively short (6 - 20 mins. max.)
  • It has practical advice backed up by examples
  • It covers a lot of scenarios


As for playlists, I usually type ‘Music for dog’s ears’ in the search field and pick any playlist that appeals to me. One that seemed quite effective with an anxious puppy I was taking care of is this:


And hey - let’s not forget the Pet Playlists on Spotify - here’s Lissa’s (upbeat like her personality).

You can get yours at


What’s more, I’m not the only dog lover on the Spotify Community. Turns out there are even some Ideas that revolve around dogs. 


One of them that I absolutely loved and kept my fingers crossed for was Dog rebranding. It didn't gather enough votes to be implemented but that can’t diminish the fact it was pretty creative and cool.


Another idea that has a dog story in it is Add the ability to remove tracks from your listening history. I feel the person who wrote this! I, too, had fostered a dog, during lockdown, and she suffered from separation anxiety. 


How about you? Do you have any favorite playlists you play to your dog for them to fall asleep to? Or maybe a podcast you draw inspiration to teach your dog new tricks?


Aww, this is so great! Give Lissa a little treat, she's a star now


Thanks @Elena, will do! 🐶🍪

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Rock Star 16

Eventhough I'm a cat person, I love this article! 😸😍

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Rock Star 16

This is soo cool! 💚


Glad to hear @Hubo ! Your words warm my heart! ❤️ I love animals but doggos are my favorite! 😊

Thanks @EthanS1 , happy you think so! 🐶🐕