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#MusicMonday Review - January 2019

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

As I mentioned in My Year In Music, #MusicMonday is where I gather my music recommendations from up and coming artists throughout the year.


Let's take a trip around the world for some highlights from January 2019:


Morning Wars - Breathing Underwater


First stop is Syracuse, NY, comes this rock track about unconditional friendship.


In their own words:


"The song was written about a friend of mine that had been going through a rough period in his life — as we all do from time to time. The general underlying theme of the song is about friendship and how no matter the highs in someones life, if you’re best friends, you’re best friends forever and you’ll always be there for them."




She Makes War - London Bites


Next stop, the UK. for a track about a big city with an appetite, in which "living, loving and losing in London..." is described cryptically.



Yinno-C - U&I


Here's a jam with a seductive flare, telling a story all of us can relate...


"It is a story about me meeting this girl at a club. I've been partying and had a few drinks but then I notice the girl who is very beautiful and she catches my attention. She's a little shy and laid back but her and I start talking and I get to know her. We end up really liking each other."




Sôra - Number Won


From France, another love hymn, where Sora tells us:


"I wanted to be playful and fun, not so cheesy. I was inspired by my relationship with my boyfriend. He often says he <won> my heart. I guess that's why I thought about the winning number."




Skyler Stonestreet - It Kinda Hurts


Finally, arriving in beautiful L.A., an honest song about the pain of watching your ex with someone else. Yeah, it kinda hurts (a lot).




See you next month!


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