New Android app look

New Android app look

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Hello everyone!


As you can read from the title of this blog, Spotify will have a new and fresh look on Android devices.


These are some of the design changes you may notice soon:

The “Shuffle Play” button will change to a simple green Play button. Moving away from the old design will make the playlist view cleaner. This more universal button will make it easier to understand how shuffle works for new users.


In addition, this is not the only change you will notice the next time you open your favorite playlist. All the playlist actions are now grouped at the left side of the screen. That way it is easier to click on them when using your phone with one hand. You can find any button you need there: follow playlist, like, context menu, download … On top of this, the download button for offline listening has a new design, which matches the icon used for podcasts.


Here is a screenshot where you can see the main changes of the new look:


If you are using a smaller device, you may notice that the app layout adapts to the screen, making it possible to view more content at once.


Finally, there will be brighter visuals on artist pages and Spotify owned playlists. Hopefully, this will make the platform even more exciting for Creators.


The iOS version of Spotify got a similar refreshing look. This update will bring closer both of the mobile versions of the Spotify app. Starting this week, Android users of Spotify will be able to enjoy the new look of the app and stream music and podcasts in a more accessible and smooth way. Now turn the volume up!

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Hi there!

This update is still rolling out slowly for Android users. Make sure to keep the app always up-to-date.


All the best! 😄


Hi, I don't know if I got this update yet (I have, but when I try to access to song details it show the controls for a second and then it crashes. This happens in my 3 phones.


I hope it will fixed soon bc I can't control music in the app unless I lock my phone to get widget controls. I already reinstalled it 3 times without any improve. I have android 8 and 7 versions on my phones.




Edit: Now I have on my phones, but only on android 7 was corrected. On android 8 still same error and crash. Thanks


Does anyone know why spotify never rolls out their updates universally, but instead opts to seed them out? I dont want sound like too much of a complainer or a douche but it's quite irritating especially when their rivals(apple music) can manage to port out their updates on ios to android within a few weeks, sometimes even days (which makes me believe that it's not such a tough task to complete). I honestly just wish we had more transparency on updates especially as a paying subscriber, I honestly do not think that's too much to ask for.

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Hi @Leroiyy

The reason Spotify and other tech companies roll out updates over several days or weeks is that in case there's an issue with that, they can address it with those users instead of having an issue with all users at once.

Hope it helps!
All the best! 🙂  

Music Fan

PLEASE move the 'green' button up or over. It's in the way. Nearly everytime I try to add a song to my queue I hit the 'green' button which plays the song I was trying to queue. This then abruptly ends the song I was listening to in queue so there is no way to go back and replay. Often I would have added abruptly ended song to my playlist but I now have no way of knowing who the artist was and I end up trying to search for it based on some of the lyrics I heard. It's more than annoying it's truly truly frustrating and defeats the purpose that Spotify claims that HUGE green button is there to begin with.


Is there any way to remove the status bar background?? With the new UI it looks odd when we open a playlist, album or artist page.  Screenshot_20210702-174402_Spotify.png

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Hi there @_okarin_001!

The status bar background is an OS thing, so there's no any way to remove or edit that.

Have a great Friday! 🙂


@MaMarquezini Thanks for the information. 


Great news! Can you correspond the design/UI over on Tizen devices? Currently you can't even select your own playlists in an intuitive manner, i.e. a rather basic feature is either bugged or for some reason lacking... unless choosing playlists solely by looking at album art in a long, compiled, unsorted and unsearchable list is the intended functionality



Still haven't gotten it. Sorry I  Don't want to sound like I'm impatient but its a little annoying knowing I have it on my iPhone, iPad, and windows pc but it looks completely different on my Android phone, the one I use the most.


me neither!!! (I'm in the UK)


This update is half assed. WHATS UP WITH YOU GUYS?????  where is swipe to queue? Where is the new liked page? Share page? 


Yall should be ashamed. It took you 1.5yrs to do this????? Lmaooooo