New Releases for January & February

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Hey everyone,

Recently I started a topic where users can share their top picks for new releases and recommend them to all of us. You can take a look at the topic here


These are the releases shared in the topic for the months of January and February. 

You're all welcome to share your favorite new releases in the comments below.


Take a look at the whole list with releases for:


Happy listening : )




Marauding at Midnight: A Tribute to the Sounds of a Tribe Called Quest

By Funky DL / Release date: 13 January 2017 


Funky DL has created an awesome tribute to one of the biggest groups in Hip-Hop history by remaking the sounds of A Tribe Called Quest's 1993 classic album Midnight Marauders. Funky DL's tribute comes with a beautifully presented chillhop instrumentals, which perfectly illustrates his style


Dear Avalanche

By Lights & Motion / Release date: 20 January 2017 


Every Lights & Motion song tells its own story by transporting the listener to a magical place where everything is in perfect harmony. This amazing interplay of soul sounds is a beautifully presented piece of art where every song is a sequence to another.

The album connects with the listener and charges it with positive vibes.


The Product (Instrumentals)

By: Jazz Spastiks / Release date: 24 February 2017 

Style: Chillhop / Jazz 


After their release "The Product" back in the 2014, Jazz Spastiks released the instrumental version. It's a beautifully presented piece of chilled jazzy hip hop, short tracks but very good. The album brings you somehow in the old days of Hip-Hop, but it's a way more jazzy and funky, so if you want a good vibe, don't hesitate to give it a play!


Locations: USA

By: The Jazz Jousters / Release date: 23 February 2017 

Style: Chillhop, Lo-fi, Jazz 


This is the 5th session of The Jazz Jousters Locations series. 

In this session, they decided to pick up music from jazz musicians from USA and to make instrumentals in their own style. The unique thing in the album is that they used jazz sounds from the 60's. The main focus is on the piano sounds, blended with chillhop like sounds. The result is awesome! 


Speak Low EP

By: Malaky /  Release date: 6 February 2017 / Style: Drum&Bass


Good start of 2017 for Malaky, and maybe every Drum&Bass fan would confirm. 

The EP present Liquid Drum&Bass sounds, not too loud and a bit mistic. The first track "Resolution" perfectly describes the atmosphere of the whole EP, by transferring your mind to another level. Perfect to play after a party in the earlier hours of the day!


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