November 2019 Ideas Review


Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated in the past 30 days.


Below you can find the statuses changed last month. For more information make sure to check out Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?




1. Allow Spotify Free on Amazon Echo

We are pleased to confirm that this has now launched in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. You'll find more info on this here.


2. [Mobile] 'All Offline Tracks' in Main Menu

It's now possible to filter Playlists, Albums and Podcasts by Downloads. Since this was the core of this idea we're setting this to Implemented.




3. [Desktop] Link & Unlink Local Files

4. Search by Writer / Producer

5. Multiple Accounts access same Device

6. [Chromecast] Support Backdrop Wallpapers (Screensaver)

7. [Change Device Name in Device List

8. Spotify for Nintendo Switch

9. Continue with this Playlist after Queue









10. Quickly switch between saved Accounts

11. [Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"

12. [Connect] Multiple Speakers / Devices simultaneously

13. Make Your Library shareable

14. [Security] Re-enter Payment Details to Upgrade to Family

15. Add time synced lyrics

16. [Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

17. Automatically follow artists whose songs are saved


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I have a premium student account and I can’t redeem the offer for the Google Home Mini. When I press “get it now” it says that the page is unavailable and it redirects me to a page where I can only get the Pixel 4 and the accessories for that phone.


Hi guys,


I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, but I couldn't find where to add a new post.


I already know how to view a regular playlist, it's the radio ones I'd like to view while playing.


When I click the dots next to a playing song and choose to play radio, I would like to view that radio playlist that is now playing. I've googled this and searched the help here and can't find any posts on this.


Thanks for your help!





I think you should implement a sleep mode where you can set a timer to how long to listen for and an alarm with the songs on one of your playlists




Again, seems to be too complicated to sign up and find the right place to post an idea, so sorry that this is the wrong place.


Please please PLEASE add tick options when adding songs to playlist. At the moment you can only add the song to ONE playlist, so you have to go back and add the same song to another playlist. And another playlist. Etc. If I hear a chilled sunny happy song I want to be able to add it to my ‘Chill’, ‘Summer Drive’ and ‘Happy Playlists’ in one go!!! 

This must be really easy to implement? And would save users so much time and effort! 

thank you 😊

Rock Star 10
Rock Star 10

Hi @linners8


You are always welcome to submit your ideas in the Idea Exchange. 

Please check this helpful article for more info on that. 


Have a nice day!

Casual Listener

In Apple Carplay there is no option to sort the songs as on the iPhone.

The songs are all sorted alphabetically.
Its very annoying to scroll down to the newest songs.



How long does it take for an idea to have the status changed? For example a post I've been watching finally got 500+ votes in the beginning of January, does this mean it will not be decided on until the end of January? When is each month's idea review posted?


@bananaslug I wouldn't hold my breath. I've seen ideas with many thousands of votes get ignored by them for months. Then when they did finally get around to viewing it, they just shut it down for reasons that had nothing to do with the idea.


The whole "idea" thing is a complete joke and time waster.

Casual Listener

Spotify wants to hear your ideas but that pretty much as far as it goes especially if it'll cost them money but imagine if you start losing all your subscribers Spotify since you refused to listen.....


hey there! How about an implementation of time functions such as alarm clock and timer off? It’d be amazing and it seems an easy update. Cheers!