November 30, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

November 30, 2018 : new albums worth a listen

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November 2018 - New Album Releases


New Music Friday : November 30, 2018 / As usual, reaching the end of a year, is reducing the number of attractive new releases.


Foxwarren WARM
Origin : Regina, Canada Origin : Belleville, Illinois, USA
Genre : Indie Folk / Pop Genre : Indie Folk / Aùericana

==> Debut album by the Canadian band led by singer-songwriter Andy Schauf. "Propped up by warm driving rhythms and a familiar voice, and coloured with soft electronics and coarse guitars, it’s a record that ultimately hinges on sincerity. It captures the feeling of friends pushing each other, of a band looking inward for inspiration instead of outward for influence." (from artist bandcamp)

==> Second solo studio album by the American singer-songwriter, record producer, best known as singer and guitarist of the band Wilco.
Whole New Life A Million Degrees
Origin : Dallas, Texas, USA Origin : Germany / USA
Genre : Psychobilly Genre : Industrial Rock

==> Twelfth studio album, released through Victory Records, by the American band formed in 1985 and led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Jim Heath.

==> Third studio album by the New York City based band started in 2005 by German Richard Z. Kruspe, lead guitarist of the band Rammstein.
Straight to the Hunter Finally Free
Origin : Portland, Oregon, USA Origin : Pelham, Ontario, Canada
Genre : Indie Punk Rock Genre : Indie Folc/Rock, Psyche.

==> Energetic third studio album by the American band "...exploring unique attempts at cross-pollinating genres that have grown apart over the course of the evolution of dark music, re-incorporating styles usually seen as mutually exclusive in today's fractured (and fractious) punk scene." (from artist bandcamp)

==> "Finally Free marks Daniel Romano’s eighth long playing album in the last eight years. He has had what understatedly would be considered a prolific output of incredibly entrancing, poignant and creative records in this span of time. Recording, producing, designing and landing his records into the minds and hearts of scores of fans the world over." (from

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