November Ideas Review 2020



Every few months the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated.



Below you can find the statuses changed the last couple of months. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1. [All Platforms][Podcasts] Downloaded podcasts should also play videos not just audio

We've now rolled out the ability to download video content for offline viewing for iOS and Android users.


This will be the new default setting, but you can easily toggle it off in the app settings to only save audio when downloading video podcasts.


2. [All Platforms][Podcasts] Download Audio Only

We're pleased to confirm that it's now possible to save audio-only when downloading video podcasts. Android and iOS users can toggle it off in the app settings


3. [All Platforms][Other] Allow SongShift and others to export songs again

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one! This should now be implemented.



4. [Ads] Ads Filter

5. [Your Music] Add LOCAL FILES to Your Music

6. [Connect] Don’t automatically sync what I am playing across Devices

7. [Android] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button









8. [Playlists] Smart Playlists

9. [Playlists] Sort by Release Date

10. [Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists



11. [Your Music] Spotify Wrapped: Releases the Statistics weekly

12. [Playlists] Only selected Playlist Authors for Collaborative Playlist

13. [All Platforms] Customize Start Screen 

14. [Desktop] Allow an optional switch between desktop and web player look on desktop app

15. Make "Liked Songs" playlist shareable

16. [Discover Weekly] View previous Discover Weekly Playlists


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ANDROID TV needs to add video for Joe Rogan.  Unbelievable that it blocks ways around this like mirroring etc...



Over 170 pages, over 9000 votes. Yet an official reply that's stale and over a year old. Could you please review this again, let us know where we stand? I'm paying double right now: to Spotify for the great experience and playlists, to Apple Music for offline music on my watch. Something's got to give one of these days because I'm not getting twice the experience for twice the money...


I cant figure out how to submit an idea or feedback so I thought I'd write it here.

I don't like the way that Spotify has changed its look lately. Its way less user friendly now. 

Before when you went to an artist page you could see all of their albums on one page, now you have to click into separate pages to select them. you cant play through all the albums at once which is annoying, and when one album is finished the next one doesn't automatically play. What was the point of changing this??


Please change the way the full screen player looks. It has barely changed its look in years and is starting to get boring. It would be great for you guys to do what you do in mobile and tablet where the song/album art is faded in the background. this would be a really nice change and i would like to see it happen


I can't belive you demand Apple because of monopolistic behaviour and now that SiriKit integrates third party companies to homepod you don't consider add siri+homepod. It is very annoying: paying a top streaming service unable to be used in the homepod without airplay.


The only thing we want for 6 years straight is lossless audio, it has over 24,000 votes and Spotify is still ignoring it.


How cool if we could like the song on the player when the screen is locked. 
otherwise, we gonna unlock the screen and click into the app to like the song.




I have an idea (don't know if it's good or bad, but the thing is it doesn't let me post it in the idea forum so imma post it here. So sorry) but anyways whenever I make playlists, I've wished there was a way to add like a note to a song instead of writing everything in the bio section of each and every playlist.


For example, imagine if you make a playlist for someone, you add some songs to a playlist and you click on the three dots (you know the dots that are always on the right and it gives you options to remove and add songs from playlists etc.) and it appears an option to add a note. Let's say you are able to create a note for every song in your playlists individually (ex: 20 songs = 20 notes). Now lets say you have a song that you really love and you like to add that song to each and everyone of your playlists. The note option will give you the ability to make a new one, regardless if you put the same song twice in the same playlist or if you put the same songs that are found across all your personal playlists (as in the notes won't intersect with existing notes even if you have the same songs. Basically new notes will always be there regardless if you put the same song 100 times in one playlist or if you have a song that is found in all your playlists.) The only time a note won't be new is if you write on it (Also, you can always edit it later. I think you should add a autosave or a manual save button, or both.) The note option, will only work in collaboration mode or when you are the creator of the playlists. You can also hide notes in the playlists you make whether the playlist itself is public or private. Apart from that you can delete/erase notes that you've already made. 


The reason why I think this "note function" is needed is because I believe it can let fellow artists and users to interact/connect more with the app and for many it may let them express their thoughts more (especially when there are users that make playlists that have a theme/story around it.) This feature allows them to go beyond other than the bio section. The purpose for these notes could be like commenting or relating to the song such as "this song reminds me of when we went to Antarctica (or any place)." or "this song makes me feel like..... " or you could also write "this song or this specific line means to me...." (for those that like to express the many different unique meanings one song can hold.) It can also allow users to engage and form these connections through music by telling a story and it can definitely create or help reconnect memories through this option by relating it to the music (especially when there are people that reactive memories by listening to a certain song or melody).  It's also great for those that like to tell stories through your playlists or that are aspiring writers that like, making custom playlists for characters as well as writing scenarios for them. Remember this is just an idea that I thought for a while, (definitely got inspired by SoundCloud which lets you comment on songs publicly but I don't think they have something like this or at least specifically.)

Edit: I think whenever you make note you can the option to make it color coded and the notes could be subtle. Like on the three dots it says show note or hide note . I also think Spotify in general should let users have the option to choose to have different colors as the background.)

thank you


The option to have fullscreen album art on desktop should be added again, why did that get discontinued?

Casual Listener

November 2020 idea?

Make work what is not working since 2015 (14? 13?) ?

Like syncing local files from PC to Android Devices. (Yeah yeah, I've tried it all, same wi-fi network,... including reinstalling all the stuff).


When I read all the problems related to that syncing, looks like Spotify doesn't give a ...

Tell me you're there for streaming... For what? Your exclusive podcasts? Nah, keep them for yourselves. Your songs suddenly unavailable in my country? Nah.


YEARS LATER, nothing has changed. So what Spotify, do you even care ? Is that problem above your capabilities? "I'm sending this problem to our engineer" said the bot... Engi what?


What about randomization of songs of a playlist? The same songs are beeing played (no matter how I sort them) and the same songs are not...


One last, how can Spotify suggest me to "discover" a song that is already in a manual playlist or that is already a liked song... Well, well...


Glad to see you don't need happy customers to get your money...

Casual Listener

I like to listen to different bands at the same time with the "Song radio" function on some of my favorite songs. But it seems that no matter what indie song I play, there's always That Foals Song and That Bombay Bicycle Club Song, even though they are not even my favorite songs . It would be super super good if these playlist could be a little different each time, maybe playing some other songs the most popular (?) ones. I'm getting tired of listening to music on Spotify really fast if this goes on.


There should be a function to hide unrelated "genres" in the Browse Section.

I live in East Asia and I think recently the League of Legends, BHIN thing and the Higher Ground from Obama is very annoying as those US political-justice contents always keep at the top but have no meaning to me at all when I need to find some new stuff to play.

Please fix this ASAP thanks擷取.JPG


Not sure how to submit ideas so giving this a try! I would really like it if Spotify would change adding a song to a playlist to show up at the top of the playlist, instead of at the bottom. Every time I add a song to a playlist, I then have to go and drag it from the very bottom to the very top, which is quite time consuming now that I have many songs in each playlist. I find new songs I add are the ones I want to listen to the most and so them being at the top of a playlist would be very helpful! Hopefully this can be changed. Thank you 🙂 


I want to be able to organise my playlists better - selecting each song and adding it to a playlist takes too much time, I would like to be able to select multiple songs (that are already in one of my playlists) so I can add them to another playlist. 
On the desktop app I can make a playlist folder and shuffle play all song in that folder but on my mobile app I cant shuffle play the parent playlist folder, I can only play the individual playlists 😞




 I come to support the words of @mergenc.


 It is true that Spotify has a considerable advantage when it comes to the interface, speed and podcast, moreover it is available on devices equipped with Google Assistant.


 Nevertheless, I think it is important to reconsider the possibility of a Hi-Fi subscription because it has taken a lot of popularity lately.


 You have a huge impact in the music industry and you have all the technical means to integrate high quality audio.


 It will only get you more subscriber and meet user demand and you will take a step ahead of digital continuity.


 I count on you.


 Thank you 🙂

Casual Listener
  • Hey. Why don’t you Review the consistent ask for Spotify app for Apple Watch to allow for offline content download functionality. Pandora has it. And many of us loyal Spotify users have left begrudgingly to Apple Music to have this crucial functionality for runners and fitness enthusiasts who want to train without their phone and either don’t have an LTE enabled Apple Watch or are running in areas with bad LTE service.

I contacted Spotify support, and explained my problem, they advised that I use the ideas platform, hope I'm in the right place? I have a problem with the fact that spotify show's me an 'editor's picks' section, of recommended playlists. I am part of an ethnic minority in the country where I live, the Editor's picks are curated for the majority ethnic group. The music it 'recommends' for me, is the opposite of my taste, leaving me feeling marginalized. 


I would have like to be able to change my country settings to the USA, because American's tastes in music are much closer to mine. But according to spotify, it's only possible to change your country if you're in that country physically.


This is a massive oversight, and cause for offense. Every country has minority groups, and thus the marginalized, you don't want to receive the same treatment on a platform that you use to enjoy music, especially one that you have to pay to use. 


I suggest that there be a setting added to change your region, for the sole purpose of recommending music relevant to you based on ethnicity/nationality, but without affecting the monthly premium payable. This means there should be two country settings, the one, as is currently there, to list your physical country of residence, to get correctly billed. The other to list the country of your people or people you identify with, to get correct music recommendations. 


This is particularly important if the ethnic majority hate the minority, and people in the minority group HAVE TO see the faces of those (people who would like to see my people dead) in the majority group. (referring to the faces on the album covers shown on 'Editor's picks')


Idea. Stop spamming emails with ADS! Its annoying. I got emails regarding prince harrys son .... I do not care about the royal family or the sounds any of them make and the fact Spotify promotes this is ridiculous. Im ready to leave this subscription im being spammed by ads and ridiculous things. Stop it. Let me search the music I want. Dont tell me what to listen to we do not have the same taste of music. Im ticked off with the amount of spamming ad emails im getting from Spotify.  Stop it! This is why people are going other places!!!!


Explicit content shouldn't be suggested or recommend as short cuts or anything else. 


I listend to "American **bleep** Podcast" once, and now it is constantly recommended as a short cut and reminder to revisit it. 

I have a family plan and use it on my desktop for work. I can not have "American **bleep**" displayed on my desktop. 


Please at least TAG content as explicit, then don't recommend it, EVER. I am currently trying to reprogram the algorythm by playing other podcasts at x3 speed, but... "American **bleep** Podcast" won't go away??? I will have to cancel if this isn't fixed in a few days. 


Enough of this "data mining algorythm stuff".... you don't need to reshow me what I've looked at!


It's sad... because when I posted this.... it automatically "bleeps" out the middle word in "American  .S. .E. .EX. Podcast."  But why bleep it out? Is it  because .S. E. .EX. is inappropriate? I would agree, then why are you suggesting I add American .S. .E. .EX. Podcast as a short cut? Or, Dildorks or some other weird stuff.... I watched it once. 


Seriously, it's not a threat, but I have to delete my account. I need to be able to delete all history, all the time. Every time.