November Ideas Review 2020



Every few months the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and highlights the statuses we’ve updated.



Below you can find the statuses changed the last couple of months. For more information read: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





1. [All Platforms][Podcasts] Downloaded podcasts should also play videos not just audio

We've now rolled out the ability to download video content for offline viewing for iOS and Android users.


This will be the new default setting, but you can easily toggle it off in the app settings to only save audio when downloading video podcasts.


2. [All Platforms][Podcasts] Download Audio Only

We're pleased to confirm that it's now possible to save audio-only when downloading video podcasts. Android and iOS users can toggle it off in the app settings


3. [All Platforms][Other] Allow SongShift and others to export songs again

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one! This should now be implemented.



4. [Ads] Ads Filter

5. [Your Music] Add LOCAL FILES to Your Music

6. [Connect] Don’t automatically sync what I am playing across Devices

7. [Android] Remove the Shuffle / Play Button









8. [Playlists] Smart Playlists

9. [Playlists] Sort by Release Date

10. [Playlists] Statistics and Analytics for Playlists



11. [Your Music] Spotify Wrapped: Releases the Statistics weekly

12. [Playlists] Only selected Playlist Authors for Collaborative Playlist

13. [All Platforms] Customize Start Screen 

14. [Desktop] Allow an optional switch between desktop and web player look on desktop app

15. Make "Liked Songs" playlist shareable

16. [Discover Weekly] View previous Discover Weekly Playlists


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Music Fan

I would love to have more optional social interactions on Spotify. The anonymity is still quit big. For example you can't see who follows your playlist etc. Would love to have more interaction with (new)friends based on sharing music and playlist like a group chat. A  interactive platform bases around (sharing)music.


We need offline listening on Apple Watch. More than 9.200 requests, no answer from Spotify. "We are listening..." Just kidding not really. We just care about podcasts now. Get working on it Spotify.