Online concerts - keeping the love for live music safe and sound




Hello and welcome, one and all, to my very first Community Blog!


I chose to start off with a topic that's very near and dear to my heart and it should come as no surprise that I'll be writing about concerts. I like to think of myself as an avid concert-goer with a decent portfolio of attended shows behind my back. 


I was hoping to be able to write about live shows and upcoming festivals this year. I have been mentally preparing myself to spend at least 3 days jumping around at Primavera Sound this summer, but it looks like that may not be in the cards for us this year.


But in the midst of all rescheduled and unfortunately cancelled shows, there is a spark that will keep the love for live performances alive in all of us. I am talking about none other than its majesty - the live stream.


As far as I know, it all started with a few artists going live on Instagram to brighten their followers’ day and bring a smile to their faces. If I were to name only a few of them I’d need to mention Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Pink and John Legend. 


In the beginning of all this, I stumbled upon Machine Head’s lead singer Robb Flynn just jamming out on his acoustic guitar in his living room. The version of Deafening silence he played then will stay with me for a long time 💚


And just a few days back the biggest online ‘’festival’’ came to life - Lady Gaga partnered up with Global Citizen to curate a set of performances to raise funds and awareness for the COVID-19 relief campaign by the World Health Organization. Some of the participants there were Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Lizzo, Usher and maaany others! It was a huge ''event'' that brought artist together in this uncertain time.


But on the flip side of the excitement about being able to hear some great music, we could juxtapose the argument that nothing can replace the feeling of a live show. So what do you folks think about online concerts? Have you maybe stumbled upon a stream from your fave artist, or do you find that online performances are not something for you?


At the end of the day, I personally believe that this year might not give us a lot of opportunities to go out and rock out to our favorite bands but it shouldn't stop us from enjoying live music even in the comfort of our own homes. 


And I leave you with one of my most loved live albums available on Spotify: spotify:album:2SU0P5F7ZSN36pUZeYgAAG.




Beautifully written 😍


Awesome, looking forward to more blog posts!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm also a fan of live music and attend festivals and gigs as much as possible. I had 3 shows lined up which have all been cancelled: Goldfrapp, Fat Freddy's Drop and Randy Newman, as well as the festival i've been taking my family to for 10 years, Belladrum (not cancelled yet, but likely to). 


But I'm not complaining about missing a few shows. Life is too precious for that. 


Haven't found anything particular recently apart from what you've mentioned. But I absolutely love the Jools Holland Later Live series which airs on the BBC every year, with a Hootenany special at New Year. The amount of amazing live performances is staggering. 


Don't think anything else comes close to a live performance - and it's where you can enjoy the differences from performance to performance, compared to the recorded version which is always exactly the same. 


There's a select few performances from the Jools Holland show on Youtube: 


Nice blog @Elena!

I managed to catch Chris Martin's live "concert" on Instagram, it was a very moving experience for me since I usually don't have the chance to go to live concerts!




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Rock Star 17

Nice one @xredheadpowerx !


I saw M.Ward, SZA, Princess Nokia, Patrick Watson 🙂