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Playlist Curator of the Week - Justin Jesena


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This is a first for the 'Playlist Curator of the Week' blog. Today we're highlighting a collaborative playlist. 


This playlist caught our eye quite some time ago. About two years ago to be exact.


The curator @moderaterock shared the playlist in our old 'Share your playlist' thread (now replaced by the Playlist Exchange) with this description:


"I'm new to this forum but wanted to share my playlist that has been 2 years in the making.


Me and my friends have this collaborative playlist. We add and remove songs based on what we are currently listening to and what we think will fit and wouldn't fit the overall style of the playlist. Over time we've seen the playlist evolve from rock to pop to indie and have discovered some gems along the way!


Feel free to share tracks you think we might like!"



So why are we revisiting this playlist shared two years ago? One, we want to highlight the collaborative playlists can be just as strong as individually curated ones. And two, to put it simply, it's got great recommendations.


Quite a few others think so too, 'Others! Others!' now has 194 Followers.






If you've got any other recommendations for the 'Others! Others!' curators let @moderaterock know by commenting below. 


Thanks for contributing moderaterock.