Post Of The Week: Account Gets Paused All The Time

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Welcome to January's first Post Of The Week!


Shake off that back to work feeling, because it's time to celebrate once more.
Why? Because of the fantastic work shown by @jsannn in this post. Let's start... at the start then shall we?!

What's happening?

A user's reached out, to say:
"I have a family plan and have sent invites to other family members to use it."

"However, any time more than one of us tries to use Spotify at same time, I get kicked off with the "Your account is being used somewhere else."

"How do I resolve this? Multiple users is the whole reason I got the family plan."

This confusion often occurs when users are new to Premium for Family, but @jsannn was quick to jump in and help clear things up.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 15.52.23.png
Let's take a look!

"You need to create a separate account for each of the family members"

"You can read more about how exactly Family works here and here. If you need more help let me know. Happy listening :)"

Super friendly, a spot on answer, and even a smiley face to round things off! Perfect. We especially love the use of links, to make sure the user has all the info they'll need. Nicely done, @jsannn.

It's great to see @jsannn 's answer was even marked as the solution.

So pull out those party hats, grab your last few party poppers, and let's all give this shining Rock Star a big round of applause for earning a free month of Premium.


Happy new year everyone, and keep up the great work with your awesome answers in 2018 Stars!


We'll see you again next week 

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Rock Star 16

Woaahhh, awesome post @jsannn! Keep it up! 💪

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Congrats @jsannn! 🎉

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Rock Star 7

Great job @jsannn! Keep it up!

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Rock Star 1

Congrats @jsannn! Keep up the good work :)



for who ever conracts or gets the music we listen to.

would it be possible to get all of petr gabriel


for who ever conracts or gets the music we listen to.

would it be possible to get all of peter gabriel

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Rising Star 20

Congrats jsannn, great post!

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Rock Star 13

congratulations @jsannn, well deserved!


Just had a chat session with a Spotify representative. I actually knew more about Spotify technology than he did. What a joke! I asked him why I have the video and podcast feature through Spotify on my iPhone but not on my iPad. He responded by saying he was surprised I could access that feature on my iPhone because his information told him that it could only be accessed through the Spotify desktop app.  I saw on the Spotify community board that this has been a problem for the past two years yet Spotify has not responded. So sad! 



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Oh... I have a question. Any solution to have a community part in French?



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Rock Star 15

Nice job and congratulations! ^^ @jsannn