Post Of The Week: Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)

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Welcome to today's Post of the Week Music 🎵Chat 💬special!


Let's get straight to it shall we? Today, we're applauding this post by the super Star @crematedman.


The title says it all really: "Best Overall Songs of 2018 (Share Yours)".

We absolutely love how welcoming this post is, and it really celebrates the mutual love for music that's shared here in the Community

"Share your favourite songs this year and why you love them - I'll kick us off:"




The comments started rolling in quickly, and @crematedman even took the time to check out what was being posted, and respond when he could!

"it seems you're in love with the retro sounds this time of year!" he mentioned, after enjoying the sounds added in a comment by another awesome Star - rossi1911.


We can see this thread having a long and full life on the Community, as it's bagged 28 replies already!


How about adding your fav song, and getting involved? If you haven't yet, we'd love to hear what's in your headphones or spilling out of your speakers.


Thanks again for spreading joy in the Music Chat @crematedman, and enjoy a month of Premium on us!

We look forward to staying tuned and keeping an eye on this one.





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Rock Star 16

Yes, love this thread! I’ve discovered some awesome songs here! 😄

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Thank you! Always excited when I see a new reply to it ^_^



Solid choice with the new Parquet Courts tune, @crematedman

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Hey! We're a group of young artists from the Bay Area who have created a buzz in our hometown trying to reach a wider audience!
We make rap / r&b and definitely gets anyone moving.

Take a listen !


Loved all the songs posted here! 


This is currently my newly found favorite song. Definitely got a Post Malone feel!


Evocative, instrumental, sweetly sad:  grooving to guitarist Glenn Roth's Welcome Home this serene Sunday morning.  Title track is one of my faves!  Good pick for #PeacefulGuitar and similar playlists--check him out!  


Welcome Home


Glenn Roth