Post Of The Week: 'Can't log in on my iPhone'

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Hey everyone!


Not being able to get logged in is no fun for anyone. So, when a user was faced with this issue, who saved the day?


@Swanny to the rescue.


Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 15.02.04.png 








For such friendly, heroic and quick help... @Swanny is this week's Post Of The Week winner.


The user got in touch initially to say:

"I can't log in on my iphone, but I can log in on my ipad and other devices. I have changed password, and reinstalled the spotify app. It still doesn't work."


Helpfully listing the suggestions tried, @Swanny was able to swiftly think of new suggestions to get things fixed up.


Let's take a look at some of those:


"Have you tried across both wifi and mobile data?


If that doesn't help, then perhaps try Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings."


Some great ideas seeing as lots had been tried already!


...And did they work you might be wondering? Well, this was quickly followed up with:

"Thanks! The last solution worked!"


That's an awesome...


...isn't it?! 🎉


@Swanny did a great job of thinking out of the box here, and we 100% think this handy tip is worth 1 free month of Premium!


When it feels like everything's been tried already, we can rest assured that our shining Stars will get their thinking hats on, to ensure hope is not lost.


Enjoy the Premium @Swanny, and thanks again for this wonderful post.


See you next week,




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Well deserved! 

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Nice work, @Swanny 🎉


Nice job, Swanny!

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Wow, that was a while ago now 😜 thanks guys! Go me!