Post Of The Week: Error code 7 & 2

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Community Manager


Welcome to Post Of The Week.



As it's still pretty close to the start of a fresh year, we'll just give you a quick recap of what happens here! If you're new to Post Of The Week, this is where we highlight the great work shown by a Rock Star in our Community.

This could be for providing great troubleshooting tips, starting some awesome discussions in our Music Chat, or anything we think's a great addition to the Community.


It's the 11th of January, 2018! So, we thought why not give you 11 reasons that @Sebasty's our wonderful winner today:

1). The post shows a Community Rock Star who's here to help others out.

2). They've suggested some great trouble-shooting for the user's issue.
3). They're a super friendly Star!
4). We love the use of a smiley face - :)
5). They've showed a real understanding for the user's issue!
6). They've suggested more than one tip, being extra helpful.
7). Their post got marked as the Solution! Nice one.
8). They've @'d the user, helping the response to be received quickly and get noticed.
9). They totally deserves a free month of Premium!
10). They've asked great questions, to understand the root of the problem.
11). It's just a great post!


Let's take a closer look:


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 14.47.50.png


We love it when Stars show a friendly attitude, and also try to crack the issue as quickly as possible. This post displays the perfect balance of these elements!


Worthy of a free month of Premium? Of course! Enjoy @Sebasty 🎉
Keep us the brilliant work, and thank you :)




Rock Star 4
Rock Star 4

Congratulations @Sebasty. Great work!

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14

Thank you! :')

I'm still wearing this ridiculously large smile hours later. What a wonderful surprise!