Post Of The Week: I need help finding a song

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What is that song called!? I've been singing the same line ALL day long, over and over in my head. It was so catchy. I wish that I'd heard it all. I wish I knew the name... 🤔 I just can't find it.


Sound familiar? We've all been there haven't we! 


Welcome back to Post Of The Week, where this was exactly what happened.


User JParve reached out to say:

"I only caught a few sentences"

"Heard this song at H&M, woman singer."


We totally know how they feel. It's super annoying when you can't find a song you stumbled upon once! Your foot's still tapping to the rhythm, the lines you vaguely remember spinning round and round, but the name is no where to be found.


Thanks to Star @Bethany_Dawn however, it's possible that JParve may find their song afterall!


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.42.47.png


Sympathetically, @Bethany_Dawn says, "Sorry to say I'm not familiar with that song", but also presents a great suggestion putting in every effort to help:

" H&M actually has a playlist on Spotify for what they play in store" 




We think this post is wonderful, friendly, and shows that even when they don't have the exact answer, the Community Stars will do everything to try and help.

Worth a free month of Premium for @Bethany_Dawn? We think so!


Congaratulations, and happy listening.





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Congrats, @Bethany_Dawn!

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Thank you so much! Always happy to help! :D

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My Spotify Acct has been hacked.  I can’t get into it with my email and passcode.  I got the premium package what do I do?

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Rock Star 15

Hey @Tanjohn, Help's arrived! If you post a new threat in the Account Help Board, I'd be more than happy to help you over there with your account! Otherwise, check out this Support article from Spotify Support: