Post Of The Week: 'I pay for Premium, works like Free'

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‎2017-07-13 02:43 PM

Happy Thursday everyone! 🎉


Thursday means it's almost Friday, which means it's almost time for the weekend! But, what's better is that it means it's time now for Post of the Week.


Sprinting across the finish line today is ...@DefaOne 


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this post.

So let's see how it made it to first place and grabbed the gold shall we? 🏆

To start, the user nicely explains their issue with a clear title: "I pay for Premium, works like Free". To expand on this, they also added some useful info to clarify what had happened.

"I have been paying a Premium Subscription for several months and suddenly it started working like Free."

That's not cool right?! But not to fear, it seems like @DefaOne's been in training, as a swift and clear response followed on how to get this solved. Starting with...

"If you are still being charged it sounds like you may have two accounts, a free one and a paid for one."


It can be worrying not seeing your Premium, so @DefaOne goes on to explain it's worth checking the username and subscription type which shows on your Account Overview page here:

If you're seeing Premium, double-checking the username you're logging in with might just do the trick.

And, we think it might just have done that! As the kind reply was soon marked as the solution. Awesome work!

We also loved the friendly sign off too "I will be right here :)". @DefaOne totally assures the user that help is never far.


Not only do we think this post is 100% worth Post of the Week, we think it's worth a month of Premium for you too @DefaOne!


Thanks for reading, and happy listening all.


If you're reading this and have the same problem, we'd also recommend checking out this article:


See you next week for more...



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Rock Star 16

Awesome post @DefaOne! Keep on rocking! 🤘


Really cool from @defaone . good read. 

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Does Premium work without WIFI?