Post Of The Week: Spotify Premium overseas and data bills

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Welcome back to Post of the Week.

The sun is shining here 🌞However, it's still not bright enough to outshine the Stars!


As we enjoy the rays through the office window, today we're celebrating this post by brand new Rising Star @Keanu_C 🎉


Here's what happened:
A user's heading to England from Australia, and they have concerns about their data and Spotify. We hear you, no one wants to enjoy a trip across the world and come back to a huge data bill! @Keanu_C heard them too, and jumped in to help out...


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 09.45.45.png


Kicking things off with a super friendly greeting, Keanu_C started with "Welcome to the Spotify Community", before offering a nice little explanation of offline listening.

We really enjoyed the extra effort given in this post too, where it states:

"What you could do also, just as a precaution, is disable your cellular data..."

A brand new Community Star with Post of the Week already in the bag, awesome work @Keanu_C. This post is 100% worth a free month of Premium.

Happy listening!


That's all for now, but we'll be back at the same time next week. 


In the meantime, if you're heading abroad with Spotify, why not check out these support articles too for some tips:

Internet And Data Usage
> "Download music to listen offline (Premium only). Switch Download using cellular off in the app’s settings, under Music Quality, so it only downloads if you’re connected to WiFi."
> "If you’re listening to a downloaded playlist on-the-go, make sure Autoplay is switched off in your app’s settings."

Use Spotify Abroad
"Download your favourite music so you can play your music even when you’re on the plane or somewhere else that doesn’t offer internet."

Listen Offline
> "You can listen without an internet connection and save your mobile data by downloading up to 3,333 songs per device, on a maximum of 3 different devices."


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Great post and congratulations! ^^ @Keanu_C



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Congarts @Keanu_C !!


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Rock Star 6

Thanks guys, its an honor to be awarded Post of the Week! 


Happy Listening


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Rock Star 7

Great post @Keanu_C! Congrats on post of the week! 🎉