Post of the Week: All songs and playlists gone

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Happy Thursday guys,


It's time for a new Post of the Week, this week we would like to congratulate @Brunelicia


Not being able to find their playlists and saved songs anywhere, a user reached out to the Community.




Our Star @Brunelicia knew exactly how to handle this, and replied the following:




What a great answer with an amazing tone of voice. Make sure to check out your Spotify account, a month of Premium will be waiting for you 🙂 


Have a great day and see you next week!



Well done @Brunelicia! Well deserved 🙂

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Congratulations!! Looks great 🙂 

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Congratulations @Brunelicia 🙂 

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Rock Star 24

Nice one!

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@Brunelicia Nice one! 🙂


Hi. Have a similar problem, but looks like someone hacked my account. Have a family plan, and when I went to the gym today and wanted to put my music on, all my playlists were gone 😖.  When I checked registered users, I noticed a new name on the list, which I removed, then logged out of everywhere and reset my PW. Now, is there a way I can get my old playlists back, or are they all gone cause of some stupid **bleep** with nothing better to do? Grateful for any answers or suggestions. John