Post of the Week - Already charged but my premium still gone?

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Without delay, we'd like to give a huge congratulations to Rock Star @Luke for winning this week's Post of the Week! 🎉


Unfortunately we had a user who was having trouble seeing Premium, even though they had paid. 


It's obviously a bad experience when someone hasn't got what they've paid for! Thankfully @Luke was there to offer some helpful advice.


" should look on the receipt you got sent to your email address. This should say the username with that you subscribed to Spotify premium!"


"Try to log in with that account. When you see a 10 digit number log in with Facebook!"


@Luke also went the extra mile to included an infographic on this exact issue! 


Check it out:

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Really great job, @Luke! A month of Premium us on the way 🙌




Head here to check out the full thread. 

Rising Star 20 TobiasYoung
Rising Star 20

Congrats @Luke! Have a great time with your premium & keep rockin'

Rock Star 12
Rock Star 12

Thanks, @TobiasYoung and @Chris :)


I'm just hijacking this random thread because it's impossible to find a way to post anything in the "Community" forums anymore.

Everything is one way. Nobody can post their issues. Well guess what, it's zero-way, because nobody reads your top answers because issues are not found by search and so they're not worth reading. Who on God's Green Earth wants to get handed Top Answers when the answers don't apply? I will blaspheme now. Jesus Christ.

Reason for hijacking: You need to care about your users. If you have zero people able to read bug reports, give us a bug report mech or some way to qualify for bug reporting if you're a professional dev, at least.

END OF HIJACKING. Just this. I will simply not report the bugs I came here to report, until you PROVIDE A WAY OF DOING SO. Get it?