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 Happy Friday, folks! Welcome to another edition of Post of the week.


This week, @user-removed demonstrated that he most certainly has "a passion for helping people".


He's been very active throughout the week and one of his posts stood out for us. We thought it was great because:

  • He showed his willingness to help and was friendly.
  • The tips and information that he provided were accurate and helpful.
  • His response was clear and concise.

A user posted asking for help with one their playlists. They said that the playlist no longer played in the order that it did before, even if Shuffle wasn't enabled. They also mentioned that any new music they added went to the bottom instead of the top. aussimike then replied with: 


Hi @theathlete46


Look at the columns along the top, if you see a green arrow then that shows you the playlist is being sorted by that column.


You can reset this by clicking on the green arrow until it disappears, or you can click on another columns title to sort by that column (artist name for example).

Great response, @user-removed! This was just one of the several helpful answers that you provided this week. We're sending a free month of Premium to your account as our way of saying 'Thanks!'.








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Wow, thank you @james! This was a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. I plan to gift my free month of premium to my lovely fiancee who doesn't share the same taste in music as I do :)