Post of the Week: Best Overall Songs of 2018

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Another week, another winner! This week we'd like to congratulate @crematedman 🎉


This happened a while ago, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize it. In the beginning of 2018 @crematedman took to Music Chat and was curious about what his fellow Spotifiers were going to listen to in the new year. 


Not only did he get a ton of replies, he also actively participated in the thread by listening to the songs and made sure every user had their track recognized. 


Here are some of his comments:


Image 1.png


Image 2.png


Image 3.png


Image 4.png


With 197 replies to his post we could go on forever, but I think you got the gist of it.


Anyways, thank you @crematedman and enjoy a month of Premium on us! Have fun listening to your favorite 2018 tracks 🙂 


Congrats @crematedman!


And well done @Daisy


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Nice post and congratulations! ^^ @crematedman



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Thank you! @Daisy @Nico @Katerina

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Wow Matt!!!

Congratulations @crematedman this is so cool 😎.


Congrats @crematedman ! So nice!😉

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Thank you @foxylady and @Jpgchief!

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Congrats @crematedman 🙂 You’re awesome!

apparently rumors are going around that the Record Labels are paying Spotify to keep stat #s low on non main stream artists. Is this true?? This is why stats are not working correctly apparently.....???? Someone advise

Gonna give it a try!