Post of the Week: Can’t login abroad

a week ago

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Hey folks,


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This week we're taking a look at the perfect response for someone having trouble logging in abroad. 


This perfect response was written by none other than Gig Goer - @vinjski! Congratulations on winning this week's Post of the Week competition 🎉


We're going to dive into the specifics now, but you can also read the full conversation over on the Accounts help board.  


The question posted to our Community was


"Hi. I moved to London from Slovakia and after 14 days I can’t Login into my spotify, because you can be logged just 14 days. What should I do ?"


Moving house can be stressful, moving country even more so! The last thing on your mind is your music description - how much time would you want to spend fixing this?


Lucky for this user, @vinjski got back to them in a heart beat, with a one post solution!


"If you're on the Free service you can use Spotify in a different country for up to 14 days, due to licensing reasons. To change your settings..."


"Alternatively, you can also upgrade to Premium to listen anywhere for as long as you want without having to change country settings."


Huge shout out for going the extra mile and providing two possible fixes! For winning this week's competition, a month of Premium is on it's way. 


Thanks for reading! See you next week.




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Congratulations @vinjski ! :)

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Cool post, @vinjski! Keep it up! 🚀


Does anyone knows why wheb i put my credit card it says that my country doesnt match that payment method? I mean the card owner is in colombia, is colombia, pays the cards fee in colombia. But still wont let me, the worst part is that i had to cancel my subscription because the payment wasnt going through this month and i thought maybe if i cancel it and subscribe again it'll be solved, but no. Now it wont let me have spotify premium and i had spotify for students.


bom dia ja paguei a conta do spotify mas nao deram baixa estou sem ouvir minhas musicas por causa disso tenho comprovante ...



My Spotify Acct just disapeared... Bought new Google pixel 2 xl Installed Spotify Tried to log in with facebook a just keep getting error.  Then my Spotify on my PC told me to sign out. I did. Now I cant get back in. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Great work @vinjski


I just lost my Spotify account on fbook