Post of the Week - Canceling Too Early

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Last week we highlighted Rising Star @user-removed in our Post of the Week. 


This week we're giving Premium to another Rising Star that's hitting it out of the park-- @leerayl


I know, I know, we're shaking this up in a serious way. Two Rising Stars in a row! But when they're slaying the Community questions as well as they are they deserve it.


@leerayl's post is kind, correct, and straight to the point:


"There have been several changes for the family plan and how get things setup correctly.

Please take a look here to get started it has solid step by step instructions on how to move forward.


If you need a bit more help please let me know."


Short. Simple. Correct. Friendly. That's all folks are looking for when they ask a question.


Great job @leerayl. You've got a month of Premium on the way.



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Wow, thank you very much.

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Congrats @user-removed , nicely done!