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Happy Thursday, folks! It’s time for Post of the Week…


The theme of this week’s cause for celebration is… screenshots! The post to earn its place in the spotlight demonstrates the importance of pictures and how best to help a user out, tidily and in good time.


At the crest of the hype-wave, please join me in congratulating Rising Star, @gryffyn!


Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.48.04.png


His full-bodied first response could teach us all a thing or two. Let’s take a look at the user’s query:




Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.48.46.png


This is where the magic happens. In a neat response, @gryffyn covers two vital troubleshooting steps as well as offering the user some info about the app they might not have come across. Check it out:


Hey, welcome to the Community!


Are you sure you're not trying to edit a playlist that isn't owned by you? Only your playlists or collaborative playlists are editable. If you're still having the same issue on your playlists, try right clicking on the playlist image and clicking "Edit Details".

If that still doesn't work, would you mind attaching a screenshot of the problem in your next post?

Hope this helps!


@gryffyn also included a screenshot letting the user know exactly where to look - a really useful step to save an interaction or two. It turned out that the answer would lie in the screenshot. Having replicated the issue, confirming that they owned the playlist, the user sent one over. Knowing that it wasn’t possible to change a playlist image using the web player, the answer was immediately clear to @gryffyn. He gave the user a heads up and suggested they tried out the desktop app. As a parting cherry on top, he added a link to the steps to get the desktop app up and running.

Although the issue seems pretty straight forward, with less finesse and concision it could have easily stretched into a much longer thread.

As a thank you for the spot on support, we’ve added a free month of Premium to your account. We hope you enjoy it!





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Rock Star 16

Woah @gryffyn, awesome post. Keep up the nice work! 😄

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Rock Star 17

Congratulations and nice post! @gryffyn ^^




Keep up the goodwork!



Please keep in mind that the Spotify app takes too long to upload the picture on the playlist. Doesn't matter if the picture is in low quality or whatever. Last time I had to enter to the Spotify playlist via my iPhone to confirm the image was updated. Happens all the time guys, please check this little issue.