Post of the Week: Deleted family member by mistake




It's that time of the week again!


We came across this post by @MattSuda and we couldn't help but be impressed.


Here's what happened:

A worried user reached out to the community with this question after his daughter's account was accidentally removed from his family plan.


POTW screenshot 2.PNG


It's a common question about what happens to your playlists and saved music if your Premium account reverts to Free.


But, @MattSuda was quick to reassure the user. Here's what he replied:


POTW screenshot.PNG


 And there you have it folks, your tunes are safe and sound with your account. 


That was greatly done @MattSuda🎉


We appreciate your willingness to help out; here's a month of Premium on us.




We'll see you all next week!


Good job @MattSuda!

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Thank you! 🙂

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Awesome, @MattSuda 🎉 Congrats!



Necesito hacer una consulta, lo que pasa es que soy de Valdivia y tengo Spotify primium familiar, todos viven en mí domicilio, pero me comenta mi hermana que al salir de Valdivia rumbo a un pueblo de la misma región y dentro del país no le funciono Spotify, como que perdió señal, es posible que solo sirva y funcione dentro de la ciudad nada más? Espero comentarios por favor  gracias 


Hola @Jenny93,


Welcome to the Community! We hope you don't mind us replying in English 🙂


If you would like to ask a question in the Community, you should either search for the relevant thread (someone else might have already asked the same question on the forums) or create a new one. We suggest you head over to this board as a start.


Un saludo!

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Well done @MattSuda 🙂 That was a great response!

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Well done Matt! Great post 🙂