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Post of the Week: EthanIsAmazing


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Thursday comes around far too quickly these days, and we love it. It gives us an excuse to grab a coffee (and maybe a cake...), and check out some awesome posts 🙂


This week, we give a huge round of applause to @EthanS1



@EthanS1 really does live up to his name when it comes to helping out in the community. His enthusiasm is infectious and is always on hand to jump in.



We've joined forces with many of the world's best and most familiar brands to make sure that their customers don't miss out on how awesome Spotify is.

Upgrading via our partners can sometimes sound scary but really, it's a piece of cake and @EthanS1 points this out perfectly here;


"As soon as your account shows free here:, you can then contact Vodafone to get this premium added to your account :)"


It's a simple and yet, a super effective step which we think is well deserved for this week's Post of the Week! 


Nice one @EthanS1, have a month on us!


See you next Thursday...